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With Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and many others.

A film that stretches for over two hours, in a certain time set in the USA. After you’ve seen some films of both of these magnificent actors, you kind of expect an excellent storyline aswell.
It’s not the play of any of the actors that bothers me, it’s the complete lack of excitement in the entire film. This was the first time I utterly hated the character, Troy Marxson, played by Denzel Washington. He was once about to become an important sportsman, but due to it being different times -he would have been one of the first black men there – this didn’t happen. Because of this, he now works as a trashman and he carries around a misplaced type of pride that even prevents him from allowing his son to succeed in the same career. His son is very good in football, but Troy doesn’t want him to become that. Troy so much doesn’t want that, that every opportunity the boy gets, is slammed down by his father. A scout is coming over for him. Troy refuses to even meet the guy. He has to quit his job at the supermarket, in order to have time to train with his team. Troy forces him to ask for his job back, because he should never pursue a career in football in the first place.

Rose, Troy’s wife, is stuck in the days where she has to do what her husband says. She can’t make him do anything. You see the frustration running down Viola Davis with each scene she plays, and yet it’s not enough.

The film is an interesting one in so far that it shows how misplaced pride makes that no flower grows the way it’s supposed to. Because Troy wants to be god.

If you’re into action or victory, don’t watch this one. It’s highly frustrating. But if you like to watch what is effectively a play and to get an insight in someone’s head, it’s actually quite good. I mean I was bored very much, but I was waiting for things that didn’t cross the mind of the one who wrote it.

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Boogschieten/Shooting a bow

Op het idee gebracht door diverse vrienden die ik dat al eens had zien doen op foto’s, had ik besloten dat ik dit als verjaarscadeau wilde. Dat liet m’n man zich geen tweede keer zeggen. Een oud schermmaatje van hem, Michiel Fritz, bleek lid te zijn van een boogschietclub. Hij kon ons beiden wel instrueren.

Nou, echt geweldig! Nog afgezien van het feit dat ik aanleg bleek te hebben voor tamelijk raak schieten (niet onbelangrijk voor het ‘hoera!’ gevoel, kan ik u meedelen) is het ook geen zware sport. De boog die ik vasthield was in elk geval niet heel zwaar, en omdat er al een viziertje op zit, bleek het goed te doen om het mikken ook behoorlijk te doen. Er is ook geen warming up nodig van eindeloos rondjes rennen (waardoor je al uitgeput bent voor je met weet ik wat begint) en je kunt het jezelf makkelijker of moeilijker maken door een grotere afstand of juist een kleinere tot het doel te maken.

Zeker voor herhaling vatbaar! Nogmaals dank Michiel Fritz! (OK en m’n echtgenoot, maar die had ik al bedankt 😉 )


I had seen pics of friends of mine shooting a bow, and I thought: oooooh me like! So there I went, whining to my husband, who had asked me what I desired for my birthday. By a lucky coincidence, one of his fencing friends, Michiel Fritz, turned out to be a member of a local shooting a bow club. He so happened to be able to instruct us both,

It was such a joy! Even aside the fact that I turned out to be talented enough to shoot my arrows quite close to the core, (an important feature for the ‘hurray!’ factor, I might add) it turned out not a too complicated sport either. No running around the field for warming up (leaving you exhausted when you just start out), no heavy bows, just doable. Meanwhile, it’s easily possible to make things easier or, in fact, harder on yourself, by making the distance to the ‘goal’ either smaller or bigger.

I’d very much recommend this type of exercise!

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What If

Daniel Radcliffe, Mackenzie Davis, Zoe Kazan, Rafe Spall, Adam Driver and many others.

With a cast that consists of players you’ve seen on Black Mirror, Harry Potter and It’s Complicated, it’s good enough to stick around. I do believe they had to, as some of the dialogue really, really doesn’t make any normal sense. And I’ve watched Tarantino.

No, this is not a horror movie.

In fact, the concept itself is incredibly dull. Nearly too dull to put down, but given that it is the entire storyline, you need it. The film is floating on the concept that men and women can’t be friends.
Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan) meet at a party of Chantry’s cousin Allan (Adam Driver), who meets his new girlfriend Nicole (Mackenzie Davis) there. Wallace who has just split up, is there to have a miserable time, thank you very much, while Chantry is just trying to make conversation, really.
They have an amazing click, it seems, so Wallace is quite desillusioned to learn that, when he brings her home and hands him her number, she has a boyfriend. He decides not to say anything.

The film shows how Wallace is actually quite struggling with the fact that she has a boyfriend. The film shows how it can be, but the cliché type. I must say I don’t like that, but as I said the dialogues have, at times, such a weird subject that it made me curious. There is nearly no normal dialogue between Nicole and Allan. They are seriously weird.

I would recommend it, because it’s not a bad watch, just keep in mind that this is only one story. Friendship between men and women CAN happen.


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Biologische maiswafels met zeezout, AH

Je kunt tegenwoordig heel wat soorten wafels bij het Albert Heyn scoren, speltcrackers, rijstewafels met zeezout, biologische rijstewafels met appel, honing, peer, chocola, noem maar op. Maar ik was nu eens benieuwd naar de maiswafels.

Ze smaken zeker niet slecht, maar wat me het meest opviel: het is net of je popcorn zit te eten, maar dan in wafelvorm. Ik denk dat popcorn goedkoper is, dat wel. Het geeft natuurlijk wel extra rommel, van die losse korrels. Dus als je popcorn-on-the-go wilt: ga ervoor!


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