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Undated artist impression showing the 14The boat sinks.

The End

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AH Cranberry light drink

Omdat mijn gewone recept (AH Cranberry classic drink) op was, en ik dan maar voor het goedkoopste alternatief ging, kwam deze keuze uit de bus.
Ach, het smaakt toch allemaal hetzelfde, dacht ik.


Dit drankje heeft namelijk een vermindering aan suikers op het menu staan en dit zodanig met aspartaam proberen te compenseren dat er van de originele smaak weinig overblijft. Eén glas, meer heb ik niet gedronken.

Cranberries zijn natuurlijk goed voor de blaas en urinewegen, maar los daarvan: ik drink het ook gewoon omdat ik het lekker vind. De classic versie is dan wel wat opgezoet, maar het bijt nog prettig na. De light versie is als proberen om plastic en kwallen heen te zwemmen, en toch nog te merken dat je in zee zwemt.
Dat werkt niet.
Ga gewoon voor de gezoete versie, als je smaakpapillen je lief zijn!

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#meToo Sexual abuse survivors

When The Waves Break The Silence coverpicGiven the many comments I’ve read about any type of bully who claims not having abused anyone and their bystanders going ‘why didn’t s/he report it when it happened then, eh?’ because to a bully, this is apparently the only way to  ‘proof’ that anyone is stating a lie as soon as they say ‘I was abused by him/her’.

It shouldn’t be up to the bully to decide whether a story is true or not, which is the whole problem with #meToo. They are, after all, the ones who started it in the first place. Of course they want the evidence, which they’ve wiped out, to be part of the ‘proof it!’ explanation.

Aren’t they right for wanting proof of their misbehavings then? By law, of course they are. Then again, there’s visible and invisible proof that could be claimed here.
The visible proof is, apparently, the report that was written by a police officer? If you believe the bullies, this is the first thing that should be done. Even before talking to someone in confidence, because the proof should be filed at all times. Even if the offender has whispered in your ears ‘try telling anyone, and I’ll cut your throat/hurt your family/make sure you will never work again/take all your money/kill you/anything else horrible’. Of course, bullies are never sensitive for this type of behaviour. They would never let themselves be intimidated by any of that. They are bullies, this is how they live. You intimidate people until they are stiff with fear and will only do as they are told, like a good soldier.

Then there’s normal people, with actual feelings, who DO understand that an attack of the sexual act, or longterm sexual abuse, will have taken a lot of your courage. Especially when it’s met with threats of any kind, or severe mental abuse as well.
A normal human being will think: that will take some therapy to get ready to even make the possibility of it having happened for real, be manageable. Because that is what it does. When someone attacks your body, without your consent, has threatened you to do any additional harm when you go tell anyone, it feels like that perpretator has just locked your body. It is no longer yours. If you so much as tell anyone, the entire world is gonna look at you like you’re the guilty one.

It takes more than a lot of courage. It takes the world to love you and to believe you. And then a bit more. Sexual abuse is not something to take lightly. It can take more than a decade, even a couple of decades, for a victim to go out and tell his or her story.

When The Waves Break The Silence is a story about this. Dutch page for paperback amazon for kindle

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Django Unchained

This film by Tarantino is with, amongst others, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo diCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Waltz and Kerry Washington.

Unusually long, this film nearly takes 3 hours (?!). It is different from former works of Tarantino that I’ve seen, because this has nothing to do with the fantasy of Tarantino running wild. Yes, there’s lots of blood splashing around, but this time around, it’s in the age of apartheid, where African-Americans were not seen as a full human being, nothing more than a possession of sorts. I could only watch this film by skip-hopping it. It has fantastic moments though, I assume the entire film is fantastic, I just couldn’t watch all of it.

Who loves Tarantino shouldn’t miss it.

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With Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Goran Visnjic, Sakina Jaffrey, Claudia Doumit and many others.

To be fair, the background storyline of this series is quite weak -bastard Flynn (excellent part of Goran Visnjic) has found out the government has invented a timemachine and is trying to change history with it. Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus (Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter and Malcolm Barrett, only the last one convinces from the start) are send to find Flynn and to stop him. Wyatt is supposed to kill Flynn, but with every attempt he makes, Lucy stops him, because someone historically important is in the way and should not be killed.

That is the dull part of it all. The exciting thing is, that unlike the series of Back to the Future, you get to see a lot of history changing. Flynn doesn’t give a flying monkey if he kills off someone important, as he has his own goal. Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are the ‘goodies’ here, as they have been told ‘don’t try to change history, that’s not your job’, while Flynn does.
Given the events that they get to attend, which makes this series lovely, you get to be tossed around with the feeling ‘what if’ far more than Back to the Future ever did. That series was based on the technology, this one purely on History. It is quite an interesting for your history knowledge. Rufus for instance keeps complaining that most of world’s history wasn’t exactly appreciative of his race and Lucy is faced with quite a lot of sexism at times.

It’s a jolly good watch for those who indeed wonder ‘what if?’ to some crucial points in history. Not all the acting work is that convincing though. Lucy has the worst storyline to be fair (the riddle she will solve for herself, it’s the first thing I thought about, to be fair, I did think it was lame).

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The Haunting of Hill House

With Henry Thomas, Michiel Huisman, Annabeth Gish and so many others.
A proper thrilling series. If you liked American Horror Show this might be less your alley, given the lack of amounts of blood, but it truly is a good thriller.

It strongly reminds me of the House of Spirits by Isabel Allende, it has traces of Frozen (yes, by Disney) in it, aswell as reminding of Six Feet Under and The Addams Family. The beauty of the settings and the strong storyline got me captured. It all connects and makes sense in the end, though you are quite thrown of in the beginning, because they throw some confusion around. They do that by making a ‘then’ and  ‘now’, and though I’m not sure that that’s what’s supposed to happen, I’m pretty sure they did that on purpose: confusion by characters. It took me a while to figure out who was supposed to be who.

The make-up artists deserves a bloody Oscar, even though at some point, they could have tried a bit harder on Luke. If you’re wondering why he has eyeliner smeared on his cheek and lip, while they give you a thriving heart attack on several ghosts, you’re like ‘what?? This can’t be right?’ it’s like they stopped midway or something.

Other than that: bloody brilliant series. Not for the faintest of hearts, I should add. You really have to love ghost stories. I watched the entire series in silence, because yes, I’m actually that much of a wuss.


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Eat Pray Love

With Julia Roberts, Viola Davis, Richard Jenkins and many others.

A divorced woman goes in search of herself. She chooses to do so in Italy, India and Bali. Though the backgrounds of this film are fabulous due to their ssurroundings, I wasn’t quite swept off my feet in the way I hoped I would be. It’s basically Liz (properly portrayed by Julia Roberts, but you kind of expect that, it’s her, after all) trying to cope with her divorce by tasting some life experiences from people in the various places she visits.

It’s a proper romcom, ideal to watch if you’re not into thinking that much. It will make you laugh, smile and ultimately relax. It’s not the best film you will ever watch, but there are definitely far worse ones.

It’s OK.

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