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One Chance

Strong resemblance to Billy Elliott at the start, but I think this is intentional and mostly due to Julie Walters playing Paul Potts’ mother.

This film, about a boy growing up in England where it is frowned upon having a dream of becoming an opera singer, can’t make up its mind, it seems.
It says it’s based on a true story, but so much keeps happening, it dazzles a bit and bores in the end. To be fair they should have made the film a bit shorter, cut out some pieces.
Paul Potts meet an absolutely lovely girl due to his mate (whom I know from both The Office, but also the first part of Pirates of the Caribbean, I’ll never forget his eye ball with a wobbling fork in it?!) who can’t stand that Paul has been texting with someone for ages and still hasn’t figured out a way to get a date from it.
Paul wants to be an opera singer, gets the chance to do this in Venice (LOVELY scenes there, by the way, but in my own experiences, Italians usually don’t speak English that well -I could be wrong here) and can’t make his own desire becoming the truth: to gain Luciano Pavarotti’s approval.
Every time he’s about to achieve something big, something happens. Something that makes him end up in the hospital for surgery.
The scene where Paul is becoming Manager because his mate is becoming a District Manager: they could have left that out. It has no real value to the film, so are some other parts.

Stay for the music, but the storyline keeps dragging on, despite the lovely cast.

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The Umbrella Academy

Though the trailer got me into it, after a few episodes I still can’t say it has got me hooked on it.
Putting stars like Mary J Blige and Ellen Page in front so at least there are some recognisable faces in there…it’s weird.
It tries to be Tarantino-like, at certain points, I noticed. Except the violence that is used in this film is nowhere near funny enough for that. The sarcasm isn’t that richly spread.
When my husband told me about it, I said ‘it sounds like a cross between The Incredibles and Hancock’, and he said: that’s actually exactly it?!
I don’t agree with that analogy.
It’s more like The Royal Tenenbaums, crossed with The Incredibles if they’d ever give it a second part where the children go through puberty and then young adulthood, but even then it doesn’t meet even halfway where you want to picture it. Because of the mother I was reminded of Setpford Wives aswell.

It’s about seven children, whose parents have died the same day they were born. Like the Dionne quintuplets, these seven children never actually had a warm, nice childhood, as they have been put aside by someone who’s sole goal it was to make them develop their super abilities.
When their father dies, they are put to a task, it seems.
Nice side figures are Mary J Blige as ChaCha, send to look for the boy that was always called Five and got lost when he was young.
The waitress at the bar where he goes to to find solutions for his problems is a nice one aswell. She was the librarian in The Day After Tomorrow.
The junk called Klaus is actually the most entertaining one of the squad, as he acts insane and therefore creates the funniest scenes.

Ellen Page plays a talentless violinist who has always been burdened with the fact that she has no special talent whatsoever. Her Eeyore like style isn’t the kind of thing I can watch for hours.

So in short: I can’t bingewatch this series, but it’s alright.

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With Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Angelica Huston, Bryce Dallas Howard, Serge Houde and others.

A young man who hears of a his sudden cancer diagnosis, is facing this with factors he can no longer deal with.
His girlfriend is bitchy selfishly and perfectly portrayed as such by Bryce Dallas Howard (I only seem to catch her in these type of roles, was she born to be typecast as such? Just like Kirsten Dunst, she doesn’t ever seem to play a nice person). Kyle (very properly played by Seth Rogen) is Adam’s best friend and a true hero in this film. It doesn’t show directly, meanwhile he keeps at Adam’s side at all times. What friendship is really all about, eh?

The film definitely has a proper message: don’t waste your time. It also tells you that not all the professionals that are involved in your treatment, will actually see you as a person. The doctor telling Adam his initial diagnosis clearly shows the lack of respect that some doctors might have. I think it’s a little too strong, so you’re glad when Adam’s mother (very nice play by Angelica Huston) verbally slaps the doctor in the face for that.

The only part that was highly questionable to me, was Anna Kendrick. I can’t believe someone would be that unprofessional and that easy to persuade to bend the rules her way. It was good for Adam’s story though.

It is a proper watch. It’s not the lightest material thanks to the cancer, but it’s got enough proper good moments to go with it.

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