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Ballerina, Netflix

This film tells the story of two orphans in the old France of 1880. Felicie and Victor want to go to Paris, to follow their dreams. Felicie wants to be a dancer, Victor wants to be an inventor.

The story is nice and all, but it doesn’t have much dept. You see some terrible behaviour expressed towards Felicie and not the attitude to fight against that. As as orphan, I sort of find that hard to believe. We’ve all seen Annie, the streetfighter kickback. I know not every girl is the same, but for Felicie, who has to tried to escape her miserable existence, this doesn’t seem very logical behaviour.

Also, the mother of the Camille is a grossly terrible woman, but it never shows exactly why she is so vile. Yes, envy and her wanting her own daughter to be the best of all, but you see her act in a way that is beyond child abuse even, and there is never a moment where the woman is truly held accountable for those actions. Or for the things she says. Except for the man from the dance academy, and even that is only briefly.

Most of the music in this film is far, far too modern for the time setting. So are most of Felicie’s clothes.

The music box that keeps falling down in Felicie’s dreams becomes annoying after the second time. You still have two more times to come after that.

All in all it is a nice watch for children, who won’t notice any of this, but as a grownup you might wonder about a thing or two in this film. It is not bad, but they should have worked a bit more with certain background stories, in my opinion.

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Black Spot

This is the first time I’ve been sucked into a series that doesn’t follow the usual path of cliche’s. This makes it interesting to keep watching. It does, however, remind of a few films and series you might have seen before.

There is a missing person, and the looking for that person reminded me a bit of the series Dark.
The leading lady reminded me strongly of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Alizee Jacotey. I do think the known characters of both these women (strong, independant, not even slightly afraid about anyone’s opinion about either of them) were supposed to radiate from this character. It does. It helped greatly to convince me Suliane Brahim is the right woman for this part.

The ending (no spoiler alert to beginning as I will reveal no such thing) is not as I had hoped, in the sense that I feel like I am missing some episodes. Then again, given that everything goes different from what is mainstream, this is kind of exactly what I like about the entire series.

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