13 Aug

The old film with a new coat, so to speak. If you still liked Pennywise-like clowns, this film will gladly help you to get rid of that safe harbor of feelings.
Mostly this remake gives a new batch of actors a chance to reach for fame. It is in that sense nearly funny to see a castmember of Stranger Things (Finn) appearing in this film aswell. He is made a bit less nerdy (sporting some jarlike-glasses now though) and a bit more unsypathetic. He is not an arse, but you don’t easily like him as much as you do in Stranger Things.
I do wonder if he will continue to be typecast as a boy from another era now?

Aside that, I quite liked how they cast a girl with very Annie-like features to play the only girl in the cast. She needs to be a bit streetwise, with the type of father that can barely be called a father, with that attitude towards her.

If you liked the original It, then I think you will have no problem with this version.

[spoiler alert] [spoiler alert] [spoiler alert][spoiler alert][spoiler alert]
The only thing I thought was…unfortunate, was that for a moment it seemed as if a boy with a slightly different figure than the rest of them, was gonna get the girl. But no, the boy who barely even tries, but is far slimmer, ends up getting the girl. The chubbier boy only gets one chance and she doesn’t even have the guts to tell him why he is not the boy of her dreams, while his words, technically, were.

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