Demain Tout Commence

07 Sep

With the fabulous Omar Sy ( do NOT tell me you haven’t seen Intouchables, please?!) Clémence Poésy (Harry Potter, Last Love), Antoine Bertrand and Gloria Colston.

Samuel is enjoying life as a bachelor, when, after a night of partying hard, a one night stand is in front of him, with a baby. Telling him the baby is his. She has a lot of bags with her, asks him for money for the cab she just came in.
He thinks.
Kristin Stuart dissappears from Samuel and the baby, named Gloria, only to return after about eight years.

While Kristin was gone, Samuel has been a perfect, albeit not very grownup, father for Gloria. He has found a friend while searching for Kristin, which means Gloria has grown up with a single dad and his gay friend Bernie, who feels to be just as much Gloria’s father as Samuel is himself.
Samuel has made it his mission to give the girl not only a weird home (where she is VERY happy), but also the thought that her mother is a secret agent who is simply flying across the world to visit every country possible, and so that is the reason she has never come to visit Gloria and her father.
A far better solution than to tell such a young girl the awful truth, in my opinion.
That what is shown of her childhood is far from anything that would seem realistic, giving the film a very childish, but lively and lovely vibe.
Which is exactly the reason that the Kramer VS Kramer bit around the middle, didn’t quite catch my appealing. Nor the dreadful end. I have no idea why the makers of this film thought that was bloody necessary?!

Aside that, this film goes to show that, indeed, a family isn’t purely made out of DNA. It’s presence, it’s being there, it’s making sure that you know what goes around in that little head of the young ones. Samuel provides exactly that.
OK, he doesn’t always send Gloria to school because of his busy schedule as a stuntman, and yes, he still doesn’t speak English so Gloria has to translate everything into French for him, even after eight years of living there. Meanwhile, he makes bloody sure that Gloria is shielded for all types of bad information that she could possibly get, that the world just isn’t all that pretty and lovely.

It was also a pleasure to see Omar Sy again.
The things the film is missing in dept, is, amongst other things, the fact that we will never know what the hell made the mother leave her own child. She never explains. And like in Kramer VS Kramer, you want to know.

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