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With Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens, Jason Sudeikis, Tim Blake Nelson and various others.

I love Anne Hathaway. Her ability to combine her good looks with a comic timing and still be able to also carry along a more serious role, has something that I admire greatly.

I also greatly like Dan Stevens. His actings in Downton Abbey showed a lovely and kind character and I hope to see much more of him, in films that are nothing like Colossal.

This film is a complete waste of time. Not only is the background story so very weak, the ending is so lame that I literally started making lists of what I could have done instead of watching this film.

Anne Hathaway is supposed to play a drunk, while there she is: only hairs not completely lovely combed, but a perfect teint, her make up always there where it should be and not walking the streets, talking with a double tongue. Nothing of the sorts. Nothing about her person implies that she drinks even more than a glass of water.

THe fact that the monster appears when it does etc: there is no reason why it should be in Korea, of all places.

I have no idea what sort of nice thing to say about this film, as I wasn’t able to find it. Yes, Anne Hathaway plays in it, but I urge her to go look for a different script if she gets offered something like this again. You are far too good for this type of shit, Mrs Hathaway!

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With Matt Damon, Kirsten Wiig, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau, Rolf Lassgard, Udo Kier and many others.

Given that the main quote in this film is that it’s so much better for the environment to be small, it is in itself no surprise that so many people are up for it.
The idea is that because people let themselves be shrunken down to only a few inches, they get to have a life that is richer to themselves (huge mansions including tenniscourts, swimmingpools and god knows what else), is far better for the environment and so on. It is a popular thought, but at the same time people have doubts about it. Healthy thinking, in my opinion.
When Paul and Audrey go to one of the gatherings to do the math on how their life would continue, they are more and more persuaded to go for it, even though there seems to be a downside. Their social life will simply never ever be the same again. After all, being that small means your friends have to take your size into consideration and all that comes with that. Besides, you live in a special village where you can never ever invite them, as they simply wouldn’t fit anywhere.

There is never any explanation as to why all of the bodyhairs are being shaved off, why bowels and bladders are being emptied, only why fake teeth are being removed before the shrinking down.
Also weird is that despite the fact that one of the ladies that does the math for Paul and Audrey explains how she can’t live the shrunken life due to her husband who recently got a new hip, doesn’t explain why that sort of life can’t be continued in the shrunken version.
In senses of logic, this film leaves quite a few reasonable questions unanswered.
The ‘why would you, and really ANYBODY, let themselves be shrunken forever?’ because that is also a catch: once shrunken down, you can never reverse the progress. Which means you can never life the life you once had. Not unless your friends and family do the same.

The atmosphere in the film is good though. Thanks to the music being played it feels a bit like watching Being John Malkovich. Thanks to the fact they live in a special developed place, it looks a bit like The Truman Show. Because of some things that Paul experiences, there is a hint of Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. The film doesn’t bore, not especially, it’s just that most questions you can have, keep being unanswered.
Paul isn’t one to question life very deeply, it seems. He just lives his life, despite the odds against him at times, making you question seriously why someone like him would make this choice? And why he never develops full friendships with the people he got shrunken with simultaneously.

It is watchworthy, but more than once? No, not for me. I do that mostly with films that I like, but not in this case. Once was more than enough.

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