16 Oct

With Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens, Jason Sudeikis, Tim Blake Nelson and various others.

I love Anne Hathaway. Her ability to combine her good looks with a comic timing and still be able to also carry along a more serious role, has something that I admire greatly.

I also greatly like Dan Stevens. His actings in Downton Abbey showed a lovely and kind character and I hope to see much more of him, in films that are nothing like Colossal.

This film is a complete waste of time. Not only is the background story so very weak, the ending is so lame that I literally started making lists of what I could have done instead of watching this film.

Anne Hathaway is supposed to play a drunk, while there she is: only hairs not completely lovely combed, but a perfect teint, her make up always there where it should be and not walking the streets, talking with a double tongue. Nothing of the sorts. Nothing about her person implies that she drinks even more than a glass of water.

THe fact that the monster appears when it does etc: there is no reason why it should be in Korea, of all places.

I have no idea what sort of nice thing to say about this film, as I wasn’t able to find it. Yes, Anne Hathaway plays in it, but I urge her to go look for a different script if she gets offered something like this again. You are far too good for this type of shit, Mrs Hathaway!

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