The Man In The High Castle

15 Jan

This series, provided by primevideo, an amazon channel, interested me as it is Science Fiction mixed with history. The serie is based on the idea: what if Hitler would have WON the second world war?
In this series, The United States of America are devided in a Chinese part, an American part and a so called neutral zone.
It starts around the fifties/sixties and this gives it a very weird vibe somehow. It is like Back to the Future’s Dr Emmett Brown has send you to an alternative universe. And like The Usual Suspects’ Kaiser Soze has gotten a different alias…
A thing that really dawned on me was that despite the fact they claim the war is over, you still see so much tention in the streets. Nobody is truly taken with one another. Anyone who looks even a simmer of differently, is approached with suspicion, only people who look ‘Arian enough’ are met with instant friendliness. I myself thought ‘wait, this is what it would look like when there’s PEACE in such a world?!’

Though the first season dwells on quite long about the partnership of Juliana Crain (played by Alexa Davalos) and Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank), it made me cringe a bit. Maybe that’s because loads of series now have a female lead that isn’t so easy to persuade by a man with obvious bad intentions. Then again, this were the fifties/sixties, when women might have had this sort of pleasing attitude, either by nature or nurture.

I have understood the series is based on a book, and the films this series is on about, are only that because it is a serie. I wasn’t much impressed by the films anyway. I assume you need a bit more of a backstory to understand what they stand for? A bit more than what is handed to you by the chars, yes.

After the first season, I actually gave up. This has two reasons: first, I thought the background story started crumbling. I couldn’t go aboard with it.
Second, and this may sound weird: I had a severe problem with the Nazi-symbols being worn so openly, without an actual addition to the story. I felt exposed to something I didn’t feel comfortable with. In the country I come from, the symbol is forbidden. I do not wish to associate it with anything worthy of entertainment. The first season the symbols were met with all the horrors that I know came with the second world war. It should what a tremendously bad people these were and still are.
It made me think: through this series, that symbol is gonna be even more ‘normalised’. Something I ma not willing to participate in.
Yes I know that sounds silly.

Anyway. The first season had its interesting moments, especially when you see some of the rules that are being followed for the ill, the elderly and so on, and how that effects the people who live in families with chronically ill persons.

I did think it was worthwhile at first and if you read the books I am sure you will love it. For me it was a bit much.

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