The Crown

02 Feb

We started watching this because we were curious, and oh boy wa it worth while! Coming from the Netherlands, where royals are also part of the government, this series is quite enlightning.
For starters: I couldn’t grasp the whole ida of why anyone could be against Kate Middleton at first. We have several friends in the UK and one of them explained to me/us why they didn’t like Kate. I was stunned until they stopped talking.
In the Netherlands, we’ve seen how our queen has stopped and interveined with every prospect of any new additions to the family by means of girlfriends. For any parent this is quite normal, but for a king and queen perhaps even more so. After all, a new addition means having to rule together, or at least having to pretend you’re all more or less on the same page when it comes to ruling the beloved country.
Our queen (now princess) Beatrix made very sure that her future replacement had brains in every direction possible, as she did for her own offspring. None of our princes had less than a university degree. One of the girlfriends of our then crownprince wasn’t royal enough for the queen. Her parents were ‘merely dentists’ and so the queen held off any type of engagement. Then the big surprise of Máxima came along. A shot right in the heart of our crown prince and of the country. A woman who had studied abroad, who’s father just happened to have a very unfortunate connection to our country, but put that aside and we had ourself a lovely future queen.
It was set in stone: this could happen.

So, growing up in a country with a royal family where the queen actually had an active hand in the marriages of her children, it was quite a surprise to me to hear that Kate Middleton was only more or less educated to become a princess. Her parents only having some sort of party agency and that this had been, apparently, enough for the queen of the UK.
Yes, highly unusual.
Then we started to watch The Crown. Only to realise that Elizabeth had initiated her own education as she felt she wan’t fully up to date – quite an understatement – but hadn’t she done so, nothing would have been offered her as well.
Yes, that was quite a shock. And I am sure many more will follow. Not by the acting or anything like that, because this series is splendid and superb. Absolutely worthwhile to watch. And we haven’t even come across the new seasons yet. Saving best for last?

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