The Dressmaker

15 Mar

This film about an exiled woman who returns to her homevillage in Australia is really lovely. It reminded me both of the weirdness (though less explicit) in The Royal Tannenbaums and the ‘stranger in town unpoliteness’ in Chocolat. Kate Winslet does a perfect job as Myrtle (who deeply prefers to be called Tilly), who wants to make it quite clear that she is a useful person for getting things done the way you want them (be admired, get married to the guy you fancy; that sort of stuff), and also be a slight minx doing so.
No neck keeps straight when she’s around, as her dresses are excellent and so are her manners.
The fact the characters in the film have such weird trades, makes it over the top in a very comic way.
The more or less forced romantic intermezzo is a bit cheesy, but I think many gals and women won’t mind since it’s a Hemsworth…
Kerry Fox was a bit of a surprise for me, given the last time I saw her was in An Angel At My Table. Without that wig I did recognise the mouth and eyes,but I couldn’t come up with her name. Very unusual for me.

This film also goes to show that small town (is it even a town, when it’s only 1 street??) is vicious with forgiveness or even believing things went different. Tilly’s way of handling all, with help from Molly, is such a bliss to watch. I kept laughing.

In these times with enough scary things going on, I’d fully recommend watching it.

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