Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of C.J. Walker

27 Mar

This capturing of the life of the first black millionaire business woman in America is a true joy to see, especially because it’s got Octavia Spencer (from The Help). It tells the story of Sarah, who, after an especially rude ending of her relationship, falls in the arms of a woman who happens to sell door to door hair products. Made by herself, Addie Munroe (played by Carmen Ejogo). The product works, much to the satisfaction of Sarah.
Sarah wants to help Ms Munroe so badly, that she, despite Ms Munroes earlier decline on Sarah’s offer to sell her products for her, again declines this offer.
Sarah wants to proof herself worthy and so does this secretly.
Ms Munroe not only hates the fact that Sarah has had success, she decides to become so very angry at Sarah that Sarah decides to leave Ms Munroe.
Ms Munroe tells Sarah ‘people want to look like me, I don’t want my product to be associated with working people from a plantation’. She never apologises for this.

It is quite interesting to see how everything develops from that point. Sarah has to swallow quite some dignity here and there, but rises above all because of her stubborn nature. It is wonderful to see how some of those who are against her, fall because of their own stupid character.
The quotes that fly by seem like a cliché (‘I want a woman to know her place in life!’) and still: you know that happened at the time.
Garret Morris as Cleophus is a lovely wise surprise for a man at that time.

I definitely recommend watching it, for all the intriges that are involved too. A girl with a girl, a woman who chooses not to betray ‘her kind’ by not chosing a woman so beautiful that your eyes become bedazzled on packages. No, she chooses herself. The woman who made it all happen.


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