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Self Made: Inspired By The Life Of C.J. Walker

This capturing of the life of the first black millionaire business woman in America is a true joy to see, especially because it’s got Octavia Spencer (from The Help). It tells the story of Sarah, who, after an especially rude ending of her relationship, falls in the arms of a woman who happens to sell door to door hair products. Made by herself, Addie Munroe (played by Carmen Ejogo). The product works, much to the satisfaction of Sarah.
Sarah wants to help Ms Munroe so badly, that she, despite Ms Munroes earlier decline on Sarah’s offer to sell her products for her, again declines this offer.
Sarah wants to proof herself worthy and so does this secretly.
Ms Munroe not only hates the fact that Sarah has had success, she decides to become so very angry at Sarah that Sarah decides to leave Ms Munroe.
Ms Munroe tells Sarah ‘people want to look like me, I don’t want my product to be associated with working people from a plantation’. She never apologises for this.

It is quite interesting to see how everything develops from that point. Sarah has to swallow quite some dignity here and there, but rises above all because of her stubborn nature. It is wonderful to see how some of those who are against her, fall because of their own stupid character.
The quotes that fly by seem like a cliché (‘I want a woman to know her place in life!’) and still: you know that happened at the time.
Garret Morris as Cleophus is a lovely wise surprise for a man at that time.

I definitely recommend watching it, for all the intriges that are involved too. A girl with a girl, a woman who chooses not to betray ‘her kind’ by not chosing a woman so beautiful that your eyes become bedazzled on packages. No, she chooses herself. The woman who made it all happen.


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Lost Girls

This film about a girl who gets lost among other girls and probablu became a victim of some sort of serial killer, secretly doesn’t have a real solution, nor a reason of why it has become a film.
Yes, the story is based on true happened events, yes, the mother is being very loud an obnoxious, but somehow, especially because of the ending, I still don’t know why this story is held high above all others to be filmed.
A young woman turns out missing after promising she will attend dinner at her mother’s house. Her sisters saw it coming, somehow.
Through the whole film it does not become exactly clear what the lost girls’ life, Shannan that is, exactly was all about. You see a mother and her daughters having quite a different view on how things went in the past, but nobody is truly trying to figure out what happened.
The closed community where things took place is uncooperative, as much as the police detective (Gabriel Byrne, how did they persuade him to play this part??) who actually just don’t really care. Not until a police officer by pure accident finds the bodies of four other girls who happen to be lying around that so very closed neighbourhood.

It is not a bad film in itself, just don’t expect a deep thrilling story.

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The Dressmaker

This film about an exiled woman who returns to her homevillage in Australia is really lovely. It reminded me both of the weirdness (though less explicit) in The Royal Tannenbaums and the ‘stranger in town unpoliteness’ in Chocolat. Kate Winslet does a perfect job as Myrtle (who deeply prefers to be called Tilly), who wants to make it quite clear that she is a useful person for getting things done the way you want them (be admired, get married to the guy you fancy; that sort of stuff), and also be a slight minx doing so.
No neck keeps straight when she’s around, as her dresses are excellent and so are her manners.
The fact the characters in the film have such weird trades, makes it over the top in a very comic way.
The more or less forced romantic intermezzo is a bit cheesy, but I think many gals and women won’t mind since it’s a Hemsworth…
Kerry Fox was a bit of a surprise for me, given the last time I saw her was in An Angel At My Table. Without that wig I did recognise the mouth and eyes,but I couldn’t come up with her name. Very unusual for me.

This film also goes to show that small town (is it even a town, when it’s only 1 street??) is vicious with forgiveness or even believing things went different. Tilly’s way of handling all, with help from Molly, is such a bliss to watch. I kept laughing.

In these times with enough scary things going on, I’d fully recommend watching it.

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This is the story of a friendship between a black and a white ex-soldier in Mississippi after the war.

The film doesn’t start out as much. Carey Mulligan and Jason Clarke play the rather common couple Henry and Laura McAllan. One can see that the character of Laura could be more powerful, but either the script doesn’t quite give her that room or the director never gave it to her.
Jason Mitchell, along with Rob Morgan and Mary J. Blige carry their part like no-one else. Your toes curl in every direction when you hear what is expected of them. Especially Ronsel when he returns from the war….my socks nearly blew off from that repsonse down the shop….?!
Henry McAllan is an arsehole, but not a vicious one. That doesn’t make him less racist in any way, but he justs asks, demands. Because of this, he mostly gets what he wants, even though, to modern standards, it would be rude to ask such things.
It’s the father of Henry and Jamie you really want to smack around and then some. Jonathan Banks plays his part perfectly. I wanted to lynch him. What the f?!

The scene where he has his way with his son and his friends’ son….it wa more than I could handle, in honesty.

And still, as good as the film is, the true friendship between the men who have been in war isn’t shown that thoroughly. They are always together, yes, but never amongst their peers. Their own little world (OK, it isn’t little to share such a thing as the war, I know) is all they have. There isn’t a moment where one of them tells the other: you shouldn’t do this. Jamie interrogates Ronsel about things, but it never happens the other way around.

It is a beautiful film, but because of the lack of this, it is a wee bit….shallow.

Still, it is very much worthy of your time.

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I Feel Pretty

It’s a brainless, but friendly nonburner, this one. Think of films like ‘Big’, or ’13 going on 30′ and such. Unhappy, single woman receives a massive bump on the head during a gymclass and as a result, sees herself as the kind of pretty she always wanted to be. The effect this has on her selfesteem is a nice one. It certainly does the viewer good.
I wa a bit surprised to see Michelle Williams in this film, but I guess even the best actresses need a bit of a brain number every now and then. I quite liked the addition of Naomi Campbell too, and Amy Shuwer playing the lead is the only reason you put up with all the idiocy.

I don’t recommend it if you are in for something highly intelligent, but if you don’t care too much about that, it’s a nice grab away.

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Miracles From Heaven

A film so sweet that the glazes will gather round to jump off your teeth in a suicide attempt.

Despite the starstudded cast (I expected better from you, Jennifer Garner & Queen Latifah?!) it is just….a lot of religious blahblah and hokum.

The story, little girl suddenly falls heavily ill, doctors do not know what to do to make her life at least a bit more comfortable, and so her life and that of the family she is part of, sucks.
It involves a LOT of church speeches, lame talks about praying and how the family keeps it together. I don’t even know how they got any sort of film studio as far to produce this film.

I’d say skip it. It’s so not worth the full hour and a half (I skiphopped more than three quarters of it). Not even if you’re a huge fan of the cast, because you can easily find other films that are far more worth of your attention.

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The Intern

Robert deNiro, Anne Hathaway, Rene Russo.
Breezy intermezzo if you will. This film really has it’s lovely moments, don’t get me wrong, but the idea is mostly based on Anne Hathaway being some sort of horrible boss to work for, while the first introduction you have of her is that of a very, very customer friendly one indeed. She isn’t unpleasant to any of her co-workers, despite the fact that one of them starts sobbing about her not knowing she has a Penn-degree (it was in the script, so of course she will sob if the script says so).
There are sensitive moments where Anne Hathaway takes Ben (Robert de Niro) aside to ask him for actual advice, but she barely ever says nasty things. To anyone. She is simply incapable of doing so.
It is a bit like the makers wanted her to be the next icequeen and so very badly missed their goal.

Oh well, it’s a nice watch anyway.

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