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Eat Pray Love

With Julia Roberts, Viola Davis, Richard Jenkins and many others.

A divorced woman goes in search of herself. She chooses to do so in Italy, India and Bali. Though the backgrounds of this film are fabulous due to their ssurroundings, I wasn’t quite swept off my feet in the way I hoped I would be. It’s basically Liz (properly portrayed by Julia Roberts, but you kind of expect that, it’s her, after all) trying to cope with her divorce by tasting some life experiences from people in the various places she visits.

It’s a proper romcom, ideal to watch if you’re not into thinking that much. It will make you laugh, smile and ultimately relax. It’s not the best film you will ever watch, but there are definitely far worse ones.

It’s OK.

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With Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and many others.

A film that stretches for over two hours, in a certain time set in the USA. After you’ve seen some films of both of these magnificent actors, you kind of expect an excellent storyline aswell.
It’s not the play of any of the actors that bothers me, it’s the complete lack of excitement in the entire film. This was the first time I utterly hated the character, Troy Marxson, played by Denzel Washington. He was once about to become an important sportsman, but due to it being different times -he would have been one of the first black men there – this didn’t happen. Because of this, he now works as a trashman and he carries around a misplaced type of pride that even prevents him from allowing his son to succeed in the same career. His son is very good in football, but Troy doesn’t want him to become that. Troy so much doesn’t want that, that every opportunity the boy gets, is slammed down by his father. A scout is coming over for him. Troy refuses to even meet the guy. He has to quit his job at the supermarket, in order to have time to train with his team. Troy forces him to ask for his job back, because he should never pursue a career in football in the first place.

Rose, Troy’s wife, is stuck in the days where she has to do what her husband says. She can’t make him do anything. You see the frustration running down Viola Davis with each scene she plays, and yet it’s not enough.

The film is an interesting one in so far that it shows how misplaced pride makes that no flower grows the way it’s supposed to. Because Troy wants to be god.

If you’re into action or victory, don’t watch this one. It’s highly frustrating. But if you like to watch what is effectively a play and to get an insight in someone’s head, it’s actually quite good. I mean I was bored very much, but I was waiting for things that didn’t cross the mind of the one who wrote it.

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What If

Daniel Radcliffe, Mackenzie Davis, Zoe Kazan, Rafe Spall, Adam Driver and many others.

With a cast that consists of players you’ve seen on Black Mirror, Harry Potter and It’s Complicated, it’s good enough to stick around. I do believe they had to, as some of the dialogue really, really doesn’t make any normal sense. And I’ve watched Tarantino.

No, this is not a horror movie.

In fact, the concept itself is incredibly dull. Nearly too dull to put down, but given that it is the entire storyline, you need it. The film is floating on the concept that men and women can’t be friends.
Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan) meet at a party of Chantry’s cousin Allan (Adam Driver), who meets his new girlfriend Nicole (Mackenzie Davis) there. Wallace who has just split up, is there to have a miserable time, thank you very much, while Chantry is just trying to make conversation, really.
They have an amazing click, it seems, so Wallace is quite desillusioned to learn that, when he brings her home and hands him her number, she has a boyfriend. He decides not to say anything.

The film shows how Wallace is actually quite struggling with the fact that she has a boyfriend. The film shows how it can be, but the clich√© type. I must say I don’t like that, but as I said the dialogues have, at times, such a weird subject that it made me curious. There is nearly no normal dialogue between Nicole and Allan. They are seriously weird.

I would recommend it, because it’s not a bad watch, just keep in mind that this is only one story. Friendship between men and women CAN happen.


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Dinner For Schmucks

The first ten minutes are alright, then just pretend it says ‘the end’, think ‘huh, I would’ve thought more of it’ and let that be that.

I don’t know why people keep thinking Steve Carell is funny. He isn’t, he never will be. The fact that de film greatly leans on him to be just that, means it’s a complete waste of time.

It reminds of The Cable Guy in a way, but less funny and with less storyline.

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

With Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Elijah Wood and more.

How would it be, if we would be able to erase every trace of a relationship we just had, in order to basically not feel the heartbrake that comes along with it?

This film shows us the answer to that. Basically it’s messy, it is also intriuging as the employers of the bureau that makes such a kind of impossibility a possibility, are anything but decent and trustworthy.
They made a weird, but right choice to pick Jim Carrey for this part, because of the many stages of himself he goes through. There aren’t that many actors you can do that with, making it believeable. Kate Winslet does a great job being Clementine, the nonexistent core of logic in persona. She is also the one more or less guiding you through the not ‘what if’, but instead the ‘because…’. Unfortunately, you just have to learn from your mistakes, especially relationshipwise. There is no tougher one than that one. When you do break up, yes, it feels like your heart is being ripped out and smashed to pieces, every emotion comes out of nowhere.

I heard about this film a lot, had seen it, but not to the end, as I could no longer care for it. It’s science fiction in a Black Mirror kind of way, especially the last (shittier) season. It reminds me of Jim Carrey’s Truman Show, as this is also a more ‘serious’ role, but this one even more than the Truman Show. Because this life isn’t fake, especially build up for him, it’s quite the opposite.

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Super 8

With Joel Courtney, Zach Mills, Riley Griffiths, Elle Fanning, Gabriel Basso, Ryan Lee and many others.

The story about a young group of friends who are having their amateuristical turn for film making, reminded me strongly of Stranger Things, in a way of The Blair Witch Project and E.T. Blair Witch Project actually only because this group tries to film their projects themselves. They are not bad at it, mind, it’s just that their acting isn’t all there yet.

You can see the similarities with Stranger Things, as the faces of the group of friends is so well cast and so well dressed to that period of time, that it becomes believeable to be set at that time immediately.
Joel Courtney tries his best at Joe Lambs, but the script fails him a bit, here and there. Unfortunately, because you can see how he could make it work better, at least a few times.

The story, as I said, about a group of friends who accidentally film something that is crucial to some govermental department, could hand out quite a story and invites to spectacular special effects and so on. It doesn’t in that sense. It remains on the group, giving them proper time to develop and show what a merry bunch they are.

The ending wasn’t what I was expecting. I myself was a wee bit disappointed, but that’s from my point of view, you need to see it yourself. It could be, for instance, that I missed something, somehow.

I was also, though only slightly, reminded of The Lovely Bones, that film with Saoirse Ronan. Only slightly, because that film too tried to be set in a different time, and didn’t succeed to convince me, while both Stranger Things and Super 8¬†did.

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With Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich, Frank Wood and many others.

Powerful portrait of a single mother, Christine Collins, in the late 20s, who comes home and finds her only kid Walter Collins missing. Aside the fact that this was in a time where it was far more usual to leave your kid(s) home alone while you were out for work or pleasure (show this film to parents now and they will go Madeline McCann on you).

I had seen this film before and somehow I didn’t catch the part where Christine Collins is put in the asylum due to try and convince the police that they hadn’t done their job yet, while they had actually forced her to pose with some boy they found somewhere, who had to act like her son.

Mostly the film deals with that. Abuse of power in the police department, as they acted stupid and have to make it look like either nothing happened, or it wasn’t their fault to begin with.
Christine Collins being trapped in that asylum with loads of other women in there with literally the same problem -they tried to go against the police – is dreadful. It also goes to show the weak position women had at the time. A time we’re about to go back to with current events.

The story is a nightmare for any parent in many ways. Thankfully they haven’t gone all that graphic, so it still is a film that’s quite watchable. A strong stomach is mostly required for the sense of powerlessness that becomes you, watching Christine Collins being accused of god knows what and being emotionally forced to agree with things she doesn’t back.

It’s a good watch, despite the nasty subject.

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