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Danny Elfman

Anyone who has ever seen a Tim Burton film, will know why I choose this particular name to write a piece of my mind about. Danny Elfman, the composer, is not just any composer. The ability Danny Elfman has to pull you right into any magic world, is just amazing. Danny Elfman can make the voice of fairies whisper in your ears from the woods, or at the very least make you strongly believe that you do so, he can make you feel like you’re flying through the air on the back of a miraculously lovely being that was just made up by Tim Burton for the sake of their lovely fantasyworld. You feel it’s true, not just because you see it, but because your ears tie your emotions around and make it complete.

Music is so important, such a powerful part of a film. It can make the tension grow bigger, it pumps up the emotions you feel, it can make the hairs on your arms stand up straight. From either thrill or contained emotions. Danny Elfman is ace at making your dreams come true just by listening.

Any soundtrack made by Danny Elfman is well worth listening to, if you’re into the dreamy, fantasy, magic kind of atmosphere. I most certainly am a fan!

For who needs a bit more convincing, try these:

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