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Grave / La Tomba

Your face is on a plaque.
Never were you in a place so long
as on that silent hill
while thunderstorms are gathering
above my troubled head
no one can stop my thoughts from gandering
about you, my pretty lad
my heart beats for you and tries to find
another rhythm to make a duet
it has to find a melody, unsang
to mend the broken heart

Two pots of ash behind that plaque
which hold the remains of you
the you that was body, mind and soul
now only has dust of body.
You were never alone and even now in death
you have been split up into two
for someone who got married
and someone living by a shore

By hearing nature speak its roar
I realise all the more
you were never mine
it will all be fine
and I should have been less of a bore


La tua faccia è su una placca
Non eri mai su uno posto per un tempo così lungo
Come sopra questa collina tutta tranquilla
Mentre i temporali stanno radunando
Sopra la mia testa turbata

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you don’t know what hit you
that all someone needed to do
was to ask: ‘how are you, sweetheart?’
It’s like someone threw a bullseye dart
into your board of Zen
you can’t breath, not even count to ten
you’re incapable of thinking
your mind feels like a ship that’s sinking
no way of getting out, the sorrow that goes in waves,
have hit you and there’s a storm out. No caves
to hide in, just you and the feelings
you haven’t bared in a while, squirming out like eelings
shocking, hurting, slapping you around
you feel like you’re about to be drowned
except that isn’t true
it’s the lack of a sensible life to pursue
you feel like shit has just hit the fence
and it’s only a dude asking for a pence
outside the supermarket where you just did shopping
man, you have some issues with your cropping
(of feelings, that is!
It’s not a game of Tetris,
you have to actually deal with it once in a while
and if not, find yourself a proper phone to dial
the number of 0900-FIND-ME-A-THERAPIST
’cause this ain’t going nowhere, period!)

Yes, so it doesn’t rhyme. Or float well. Whatever
Bite me, endeavour.

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There where the elves sing is a good place

they sing half at shore, up to the moon

their singing makes your heart race

but in a good way, for never were you so merry

as listening to the sound of their approaching ferry

coming from all the way up there down to earth in the water

where it mixes with the elves and their pet otter

unfortunately this little bastard makes the ferry sink

then again it brings me up to think

elves are not so real in life for all that matters

it’s important that you keep your dream and not the shatters

of dreams being dreamed earlier before

the ones that were so lovely and never reached any shore



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Mushroom of delight (poem)

Oh mushroom of delight
Never before I saw such a lovely sight!
Dewdrops sliding on your brightred top
luring, like a freshly opened soda pop
dressed in a perfect fitting hood and skirt
you are such a naughty flirt!
with nature surrounding you in all its pride
looking intimidating, to a level of fright
you unspotted little devil
can bring pleasure in unlimited level
as soon as anyone puts lips around your smooth, shiny hat
your body really becomes quite fat
But can feed to the bone oh so very well
oh, you little daredevil…

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