Bad Moms

This film is really not that funny as it wants to be. A small group of absolutely over-the-top-perfect mothers, namely Gwendolyn (perfectly bitchy played by Christina Applegate), Stacy (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Vicky (Annie Mumolo) are basically screwing every inch of proper selfesteem that any mother who is really trying, could have.
So step aside ladies, you just hit the wrong nerve with Amy (Mila Kunis, I KNOW you can do better than this?!), Kiki (Kristen Bell, same goes for you: ffs why THIS film??) and Carla (Kathryn Hahn…haven’t seen you yet, not sure if I’m willing to either).

Aside the incredibly lovely bitchy Christina Applegate (she really knows how to do that, lovely) I didn’t see all that much proper acting. You sort of want Amy to hit Gwendolyn in the face a couple of times, but Amy is really the anti-hero here and she just doesn’t.

Sure, there’s a few funny-ish moments, but it’s not wowing me that much to be fair. It’s not that much over the top acting, it’s basically girls that are hanging out.

If you really have nothing to do you coudl have a go at it, otherwise: go for something that’s actually funny and has a bit more of a storyline. Even the moment where they split up, it’s….well…emotionless and such. It’s no big deal.

And neither is the film.

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Stomach flu

I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you really fancy feeling like you’re dying. It’s ‘funny’ how it usually starts at night by throwing everything out you’ve eaten. For the past week or month.

Neh, just skip it and go for a regular flu. That’s still shit, but it feels less like being an alive corpse (also known as ‘Zombie’).

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The Cloverfield Paradox

After having seen other Cloverfield-titled films, I was a bit sceptic about this one. None of them have been particularly pleasing to me. I’ve understood it’s a bit like Star Wars: they all tie together. It’s just that the Cloverfieldlane one was actually the best so far. And that one was weird already.

Anyway. This film has a bit of a slow start. It takes ages to sum up who plays in it and to make weird figures with their names, but anyway.

It has a lot of ‘been there, done that’ in it. It reminded me of films as The Thing, Back to the Future (though only because part of the storyline there) and Armageddon, aswell as Apollo 13.
Given that it’s all supposed to tie together, I’m aware that it might needs to feel a bit like Stranger Things (that first season was a true joy to watch, as it was giving such a recognisable feeling) but that doesn’t happpen here. Not like that.

Every single time the crew tries something, another thing starts going horribly wrong. And not like in Apollo 13 where you still have hope that there might still be a happy ending.

The end surprised me though. In a good way, I suppose (I do like surprises) but errr yeah.

If you like the Cloverfield series as a hole, go for it. I still wouldn’t recommend ‘Cloverfield’…..


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Red Dragon

Edward Norton against Anthony Hopkins and Ralph Fiennes, along with Harvey Keitel, Emily Watson and Mary-Louise Parker.

This prequel of The Silence of the Lambs shows how Hannibal Lecter got busted himself. Well, that’s how the film starts. He actually helps, like he did in Silence of the Lambs. And in a far less pestering way. In the sense that he has no Clarice Starling to whirl around his finger.
Will Graham, played by Edward Norton (as Anthony Heald, who plays Dr Chilton, said himself ‘Edward Norton was far too young for this part, he looked like he just got his degree from school’ I quite agree, but he isn’t all bad) is the one who he helps here. That is after Mr Graham already got him convicted and institutionalised.

The story is strong, as one might expect from an adaptation of a book of the same writer. Ralph Fiennes doesn’t have the cutest features here, but to a blind woman (fabulously played by Emily Watson) he might be.
Will Graham coming over to help to look at some evidence might not be the actual reason of his boss. I didn’t read the book, so it might be revealed there that it was for a collaboration with Dr Lecter from the start, no idea.

Nevertheless, it’s a proper thriller and Mr Hopkins sure makes your day with his daily dosage of sarcasm and wit. A lot of the riddles he feeds Clarice Starling in that film don’t appear here, but he still knows how to captivate you as an audience. Dr Chilton is quite excellent as a noisy fly in Graham’s ears, asking him like an annoying paparazzi if he might have anything that he (Dr Chilton) could work with?

I’d say it’s very much worth a watch, though for some scenes you need a bit of a stomach. Not for all though, it’s not Silence of the Lambs.

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Cloverfield (2008)

I was barely able to watch this film, to be fair. It’s Jurassic Parc crossed with The Blair Witch Project, but worse.

Given that it is filmed with homevideo techniques, I became seasick in the first quarter and it kept that way. Not once is the camera calmly aimed at one thing at the time. It’s not straight once and this really, really didn’t help to keep up with any storyline, except that it’s a group of friends, having a surprise party for one of them, who is supposed to move to Japan for his job.
During this party, they’re quite brutally interrupted by what seems to be a sudden earth quake, but what turns out to be something like huge lizards and massively big flies, who take over the city. Everybody is running, it’s one big chaos and that’s supposed to be quite something.

Oddly enough, the batteries of this hightech camera never go flat (while everyone’s mobile IS) and the dude filming it is able to do so for as long as he likes.

Every now and then, especially at the beginning, you see two different couples discussing stuff. Given that at some point the main goal of everyone is to simply survive, you don’t care about any of these people as soon as the shit hits the fence.

If you’re really desperate to see a disaster film, I’d still go for a different one. This isn’t the one you’re looking for, unless you’re in it yourself, I suppose.

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Shaun of the Dead

With Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Kate Ashfield, Lucy Davis, Dylan Moran, Penelope Wilton and so on.

If you’ve seen the film ‘Paul’ then you know you have to watch this one aswell. The same power duo (Simon Pegg and Nick Frost) in an idiot film.

They are basically Shaun the Loser, who doesn’t dare to tell his ‘friend’ Ed to ef off from his appartment, to make his plans for every single day at the pub instead of with his own girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) and so on.
Shaun doesn’t say anything to anyone. He is the loser at his job aswell, where he’s the eldest (in his late twenties) so nobody takes him seriously there either.
The film starts with Liz being fed up about never being alone with Shaun because of his friend Ed.

When suddenly the city is under attack of zombies, all hell breaks loose. But in such a lovely British way. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, along with Penelope Wilton, Bill Nighy and some other extras (Martin Freeman, Matt Lucas, the works) make up really well for their nonexistent skills in martial arts, throwing anything with feeling for directions and so on.

At times I just know they copied bits and pieces of The Walking Dead and From Dusk Till Dawn, but oh heck, it’s funny, so who the hell cares?

Don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach, as at times, it does show quite a bit, but to see zombies handled with British politeness etc….it’s a must watch!

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The Holiday

Aside the fact that this is a total chickflick, it is quite amusing and at least one that gives you a good feeling.
Story: Amanda (played by Cameron Diaz) and Iris (Kate Winslet) swop houses for the December holidays, given the fact that both have trouble in their lovelive. Amanda just broke up, Iris has been confronted with reality in that sense.
The film has a rather alright beginning. Despite the fact that I’ve never actually seen a website that makes chatting communication possible whilst swopping houses, I’m sure it exists, somehow.

The moment where Iris bumps into Arthur and where Amanda meets Graham (Iris’ brother) are quite endearing. It is here that you notice that Amanda has WAY too many lines. Bloody hell! What writer would do that to an actor who is about to do such scenes? You don’t! You see a mix of Jude Law mocking the length of the script and just waiting for Cameron to finish those bloody lines. At least, that’s what I see in it.
Also, I’ve never seen someone just drive an English car, during a winterstorm, on the left side of the road, after a pretty stiff jetlag, just that first day?!
Iris meets Miles and his girlfriend and St Anna’s wind. The gush of wind in her eye and Miles’ help there….I’ve never met a man who was that willing to help me on first sight. Unless they were a doctor. But that might be me.

The storylines are truly very weak, but Kate, Cameron, Jude, Jack and Eli Wallach do know how to make it work out fine.

There’s a funny cameo of Dustin Hoffman in a movie renting place 🙂

All in all I’d say don’t watch this if you’re looking for something intelligent, but watch it when you’re in the mood for some goodfeeling and don’t mind too much about an extremely chatty girl (it’s not her fault, really, they should’ve cut at least some of her very useless lines) during make out scenes, this is your film!

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