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A Fall From Grace

A film that has a strong, though a bit of a cliché start, a quite weak middle and a heck of a strong ending.

It is so good to see Phylisia Rashad (Dr Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show)! You can totally see why Jasmine (played by Bresha Webb) and Grace (Crystal Fox) develop such a warm bond with her.
You don’t immediately see why Jasmine is so attracted to the case. After all, she tries convincing her boss not to let her have to have this case, as she’s already swarmed by work as it is, and yet in the entire film there is no case that presses itself upon Jasmine with any urge at all. Given her initial response to this said case, that is quite…odd.

In the middle, when things start adding up, it is my believe that the downfall for Jasmine shouldn’t have been portrayed like that. Jasmine is basically the superstar that the powerful men want to see fall and that’s exactly what happens. They could have done that within fewer time, in my opinion. It’s a trend I see nowadays, to let even the ‘superhero’ in a story, fall. Quite hard. I don’t know of any lawyer/barrister who would rather have themselves be jailed than to follow the orders of the judge, and yet that’s exactly what happens. I do not see why that scene had to be added to the film. I do wonder if there’s material on the cutting floor that could have been sufficient instead.

Anyway, in the end we finally get to see all of Alice, played by Cicely Tyson. Her face rang a bell to me, and indeed she plays Constantine in the film The Help, which is about slavery. I loved that film, but that’s quite another story.

Also, Jordan Bryant (played by Matthew Law) is seen to make several mistakes by handcuffing people who he then tells to ‘don’t move!’ as he quickly follows up another order. You do wonder: how does he think that’s gonna work out then?

All in all it’s a good film with some outstanding actors. I myself especially loved seeing Pylicia Rashad and Cicely Tyson again.

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