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Meet The Robinsons

This is a wonderful film about a boy, Lewus, who was dropped off at an orphanage as a baby, and is trying so hard to get adopted. And fails at every attempt.
You see, Lewis is a little inventor, but unfortunately, all of his inventions fail. Every time he tries to impress people who come to have an interview, something goes wrong with the machine he built.
Lewis has a hard time dealing with not getting adopted, of course, as is his roommate, Goob, who barely gets any sleep thanks to Lewis. You see, if Lewis is inventing stuff, he can’t bare to go to bed. He needs to finish it. So Goob doesn’t get any sleep either.
One day, there’s a science market where Lewis finally wants to show his latest invention. He manages to make it, but gets distracted by a weird boy, who asks him if Lewis has seen a guy with a certain hat. But no, Lewis hasn’t.
When the science fair goes wrong, the boy successfully tries to safe Lewis and this is where a weird but happy adventure starts.

This film strongly reminds of Back to the Future II, with elements of Despicable Me (I KNOW the studios have copied the place where Agnes, Margo and Edith were coming from, it’s the exact same!), Jurassic Park, Up and Alice in Wonderland. At times it seems like a little much craziness. If it were told by a small child, it would dazzle you. Like ‘what is s/he on about?! A dinosaur being chased by a purple squid??’ and so on.
But when you see the ending, there’s just so much that falls into place that it does add up.
And might leave you welling up. It did to me. Far more so than ‘Up’ ever did. Then again, I didn’t like Up too much.

There is one part of the storyline that was cut short and didn’t do justice because of it. When you see it, you’ll notice that someone who has been holding grudges, would never be convinced that easily that they went too far. I feel this is done because the film would have been too long if they’d extended it. That is a bit of a fail, but otherwise: this film is just lovely for youngsters who cannot handle the agression in films as I mentioned before -expect Despicable Me-.

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Hjordis (review)

Hjordis is another stunningly lovely show on Netflix. I doubt it’s visible in the USA, though I could be wrong about this.
I wrote about Rita earlier, and Hjordis looks like a spinoff of that. A few of the same actors (Lise Baastrup, Ellen Hillingso) and also within the same school.
But either the series is no longer complete, or this spinoff was solely made to bring up the theme of bullying.
You see, the school Hjordis works at, is having a ‘anti-bullying week’ at school. Helle, the headmistress, asks Hjordis to come up with ideas to do something with this theme. It is decided that Hjordis will gather some of the students in school to perform a play. Given that the possibility exists that they get to play for the royal family -who will be visiting the school- everyone is really excited.
Then it appears that Helle, the headmistress, has gotten cold feet. She decides the students of her own school are not nearly good enough to perform for such important people as the royal family. So Helle phones a schooll for gifted children, who can sing, dance and generall perform really well.
The children that Hjordis had gathered are being put aside by these priviliged kids, who are a bit too aware they are awesome and so on.
Hjordis reports the problems of both groups to Helle, but gets no real answer. Helle wants the children to cooperate and mostly, the priviliged kids to do the performances.

When the royal family finally cancels their plans to come and visit, the plans change. This is where it becomes even more interesting. Don’t forget this serie is Danish, where the acceptance of different individuals is, apparently, far more accepted. There’s the girl who is deaf and gets romantically involved, there’s the boy who really wants to dress up as a princess. This brings more problems than you could imagine. Not just for Hjordis, who has to adjust to the idea in about 5 seconds, but also to other teachers, parents and so on.

Meanwhile, the show is brought light and airy. No heavy debates.

It’s a joy to watch. And an eyeopener for those who are so used to classic soaps 🙂

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