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What If

Daniel Radcliffe, Mackenzie Davis, Zoe Kazan, Rafe Spall, Adam Driver and many others.

With a cast that consists of players you’ve seen on Black Mirror, Harry Potter and It’s Complicated, it’s good enough to stick around. I do believe they had to, as some of the dialogue really, really doesn’t make any normal sense. And I’ve watched Tarantino.

No, this is not a horror movie.

In fact, the concept itself is incredibly dull. Nearly too dull to put down, but given that it is the entire storyline, you need it. The film is floating on the concept that men and women can’t be friends.
Wallace (Daniel Radcliffe) and Chantry (Zoe Kazan) meet at a party of Chantry’s cousin Allan (Adam Driver), who meets his new girlfriend Nicole (Mackenzie Davis) there. Wallace who has just split up, is there to have a miserable time, thank you very much, while Chantry is just trying to make conversation, really.
They have an amazing click, it seems, so Wallace is quite desillusioned to learn that, when he brings her home and hands him her number, she has a boyfriend. He decides not to say anything.

The film shows how Wallace is actually quite struggling with the fact that she has a boyfriend. The film shows how it can be, but the clich√© type. I must say I don’t like that, but as I said the dialogues have, at times, such a weird subject that it made me curious. There is nearly no normal dialogue between Nicole and Allan. They are seriously weird.

I would recommend it, because it’s not a bad watch, just keep in mind that this is only one story. Friendship between men and women CAN happen.


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Minding Businesses

Having a sister in law with autism (Asperger Syndrome, to be more specific) does add a bit extra to your adult life.
Especially when she’s having a difficult time.

Without getting into details, it’s about her having friends, and how to explain to her to be careful.

We are talking about a woman in her forties here. Normal intelligence, just socially & emotionally about 12. This goes up and down due to special occasions. Small legenda of possibilities:
Around her birthday: about 5
Christmas: about 4
Meetings with her father: 14-16
When talking to me or her sibling: adult-ish
Ofcourse, these are the situations I can more or less  define.

To this lovely lady, her social life is quite a hiccup. With her habits of staring out of her window to look at everything that’s happening and her asking questions, even when it seems like she’s pointing out the obvious (and therefor inappropriate) we as her direct family, are happy when she has friends to spend time with at all.
She does have some and she speaks of ‘m very warmly. Given that our only information is being provided by someone who has a handicap, however, does tend to lift an eyebrow or two every now and then.
Especially when she tells you she has been hugging with these friends, providing them access to her bank account and spends most of her time with them.

It’s at times like that, my ‘worried-mother-feeling’ rises ashore and all of my alarmbells ring like mad.

Because what should or can I do?

When confronted with the fact that her dad might have abandonded her (long story), her sibling is still there for her, her answer was:
‘I see my friends a lot more than I see you’
The kind of thing that indeed a child in puberty who has no idea how things work, say. Those who think: I know my family is there, but don’t I spend most of my time with my friends, so shouldn’t they be the ones being in charge of what feels right next to me?
Friends and money don’t go together. I’ve been taught this from a young age. As soon as you have a fight, your money is in danger. And, mind you: she HAS had a fight with these people, not too long ago. Her devotion to them is, as far as I believe, bigger than the other way around.
These friends, who I’m sure are lovely, have never really met anyone in the family. Not in over ten years. I do know a meeting would solve this problem, but I wouldn’t want to interfere in a good working friendship. Especially as it seems such an impeccable outcome on my sister-in-law. Not just for her to have a place to go if she feels like it, but also because I simply notice the difference between when I first met her, and the past two years.
She has been more grownup, even in her mind, then ever before. She is able to make analyses about her own father and the situation there than the man is capable of himself. It amazes me greatly, especially because that’s one of the things one certainly doesn’t expect of her.

It really makes me feel like an adoptive mother of some sorts. Do I let go? Do I bug in? I would never want to take her happiness away, but I do want to know for damn sure this friendship is ‘right’, as in ‘correct’.

Minding businesses, what it’s all about. Apparently.

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Frankies’ Fifteenth

Frankie is a fourteen year old with a funny relationship to her boyfriend George (he doesn’t want anyone to know they’re dating), and an even more weird friendship to her best pal Dabby and a history of not fitting in with her peers altogether.
Then one night, Frankie has a dream. About their gymteacher….
Mrs Pilcher.
Now what?

Fragment of Frankies’ Fifteenth:

” Mathematics class was about to get started.

Frankies’ fellow pupils were stumbling around for spots that seemed alright enough to hide everything that wasn’t studymaterial-related.

A walkman, discman, headsets big and small, chewing gums in all colors, shapes and tastes of the rainbow, nail polish, hair brushes and elastic bands, all shades of velvet tip pens you weren’t supposed to use and other things that weren’t to be exposed until lunch break.

They were badly hidden behind ridiculously big brand backpacks. Without those, you had no point even bringing your beloved belongings to school in the first place. It was the innocent approach of breaking the rules, if you will. Teachers were obliged to object to them, so hiding was the best way to go. The Mathematical teacher, bearded Mr Fennel, was quite easy in approach.

He always pretended he didn’t see it. He didn’t understand what the fuzz was all about, nor did he care. Mr Fennel liked his students and as long as they did their very best, he wasn’t prone to do what was expected.

Frankie Thompson and Dabby Leavy had long found their place on the side. A perfect spot, as it had a set of tables pretty much glued to the wall. Or actually the chairs were. They could check everyone coming in and going out, as if it were a pub and they were about to order a drink they weren’t supposed to have.

The spot had the lovely possibility of leaning back against the wall with their chairs and not be bothered to keep a balance, because of it. Ideal.

Frankie had been growing so fast the past time, it felt quite liberating to her feet not touching the floor for once.

Dabby usually used the oppertunity to insult someone she fancied. Though it was hard to tell the difference, as Dabby always insulted anyone that came across. Frankie was just happy if it wasn’t herself for a change.

Frankie was really only waiting for the right moment to tell Dabby she wanted to go to the library.

Eagerly waiting for the class to be settled down, as the hours just changed and they had to walk and sit down a new classroom.

Looking at pupils who practically emptied their backpacks with all the stuff they couldn’t find. Holding her breath when it looked like they were concentrated so deeply into their works that no-one would even notice her and Dabby to exist.

Patiently waiting like an animal waits for its prey to sit exactly right, ready to attack. Waiting for the surrounding factors to be exactly right: no wind, no dust, no rivals, just an easy to catch moment. A predator waiting to attack. Trying to be a chameleon, to solve into thin air, becoming one with everyone and everything so its presence is not noted.

One could wonder what the fuzz was all about concerning the library in the first place: it were just books, nothing special, right?

But there Frankie was, sweating, trying to fix her skirt in such a way it didn’t look like she was there. Getting rid of every wrinkle in the fabric. Every crumble that could be a spot. Checking her nails, if they were in order. Neatly cut and clean, not long and creepy, like a dead finger or something. She had long and thin fingers, but enough nerves to wind up to make the existence of valium a blessing in the end. She wasn’t allowed any, of course, but her sister sometimes threatened to pour it in her drink when Frankie was acting up again.

‘Shut up or I will put Mom’s valium in your tea!’ but since Julia wasn’t here, Frankie felt she could bite her nails the way she liked. Besides, Julia also, would have no idea what it was Frankie got so worked up about. Why would she? Frankie never shared her secrets with anyone at home. Not since Terry had revealed Julia’s favorite type of underwear during dinner. And not in a subtle way either.”

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