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Jenny’s Wedding

Katherine Heighl playing a serious part in a dreadfully long film about her being gay with Alexis Bledel is a seriously bad plan. They should have switched parts, though that would barely have worked, given that Alexis is truly such a sweetheart. But the part of Kitty is barely there and you know Alexis should have been given a far bigger part. Then again: for this film that would not have worked, as you don’t expect Alexis in a film that is so incredibly shallow, really.
Grace Gummer playing the part of younger sister of Jenny (Katherine Heighl) is a proper shot. She actualy knows how to give her character the sarcastic twist it needs to make the film bearable.

All in all you won’t get any of the time you spend on this film back, and it only has bits and pieces that are good enough. Even when Anne is on about the grass….stupidly you actually get what she means, but those words never really come out of her mouth. Something just breaks within her, looking at something as ordinary as the grass. You get that. The moaning on about what that means doesn’t make much sense however.

The storyline of how everyone has a hard time dealing with the situation has no depth in any way whatsoever. The film should have been edited back to about 45 mins and even that would’ve been long.

Don’t get your hopes up, I’d say. Grace Gummer is the only one worth your while, as Alexis Bledel simply doesn’t get enough air to actually breathe here. A waste of talent, there!

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Rita, Netflix

Rita is een serie over een lerares op een Deense school. Rita is er niet zomaar eentje. Ze heeft hart voor de zaak, maar schopt tegelijkertijd zoveel mogelijk ‘heilige huisjes’ in. Ze draagt strakke broeken, rookt als een schoorsteen en voorziet zowel leerlingen, collega’s als ouders van (on)gevraagd advies. Als iets haar niet zint, krijgt ze het wel voor elkaar dat het veranderd. Niet zonder slag of stoot.

Het is een Deens schoolsysteem, dus ik moet heel eerlijk zeggen dat me niet geheel duidelijk is tot welke leeftijd de kinderen precies op school zitten. Ik heb het idee een jaar of 14, 15, maar het kan ook wat langer zijn. Dat er daarna ook nog universitair opgeleid kan worden is ook duidelijk, maar niet binnen deze school. Er zitten echter ook kleuters op, dus weet niet helemaal of dit nu, voor Nederlandse begrippen, een soort gecombineerde school is (basisschool met middelbare school) of dat dit naar standaard Deens model is.

De serie is niet heel ‘rauw’. Natuurlijk zijn de leerlingen brutaal en vervelend, maar het Hollywoodse ‘fuck off, motherfucker’ is hier niet te bekennen. Dat is ook weleens lekker. De kinderen zien er heel fris en verzorgd uit, eigenlijk. De vuiltjes in de lucht blijken eerder uit gesprekken.
Rita heeft zelf drie kinderen en is slechts door een forse haag gescheiden van haar onderkomen. Haar jongste zoon woont nog bij haar, de oudste twee zijn op zichzelf.
Doordat haar eigen kinderen al wat ouder zijn, zie je haar ook haar eigen leven inrichten zoals het haar zint. Sowieso is ze niet iemand om een blad voor de mond te nemen, waarbij ze zichzelf vrijwel continu in de problemen brengt. Sommige problemen zie je enigszins van tevoren aankomen, anderen dan weer niet.
Dat haar jongste zoon homo is en dat ze het met de directeur doet, bijvoorbeeld. Ook dat ze een verleden heeft met de aankomende schoonvader van haar oudste zoon. Het zijn clichés en toch wordt er vooral een lollige draai aangegeven, wat alles met Rita’s karakter te maken heeft. Ze duldt geen inmenging, heeft liever zelf de touwtjes in handen. En dat gaat haar reuzegoed af.
Het is een verademing om eens naar een non-Hollywood serie te kijken, die zichzelf niet al bij voorbaat schouderklopjes uitdeelt omdat ze ‘zo goed bezig zijn’. Deze serie behandeld onderwerpen als abortus, homoseksualiteit, drugs, verboden liefdes, als ‘hobbeltjes op de weg’, in plaats van ‘oh wauw, zie ONS eens goed bezig zijn’. Heerlijk.


Rita is a series about a teacher on a Danish school. Rita isn’t a normal teacher. She’s got her whole heart in it and not at the same time. She has big trouble with rules. She wears tight jeans, smokes like a chimney and she gives unsollicited advice to anyone. From colleague to student to parents. If she doesn’t like something, she’ll make sure it changes. Not without trouble. 

Since it’s a Danish schoolsystem, I couldn’t really tell until what age the children are at this particular school. It looks to me like the children are until 14, 15, but it could be elder. It is possible to go to college after this school. At the same time there’s children about 6 years of age at the school, so it’s not the Dutch system I’m used to and I don’t know if this is what all schools in Danmark look like either.

The serie is not that ‘hard’. Ofcourse there’s bullying bastards and annoying trolls here and there, but the typical Hollywood ‘fuck off, motherfucker’, isn’t detectable here. To be honest, it’s nice for a change. The children look very fresh and cared for. The problems appear in dialogues more than anything else.
Rita has three children of her own and is only devided by a big bush from the schoolyard. Her house is just right next to it. Her youngest son, who also attends the school, still lives in with her. The two eldest have flown out.
Since her children are quite grown up, you see Rita making most of her adult life. She isn’t the person anyway to shut up, and this gives her more trouble than less, generally. Some of these problems you see before it’s depicted, others not so much.
Her youngest son being gay and herself having an affair with the Head master, for instance. Also, her having a history with the father-in-law of her oldest son. These are cliche’s that wouldn’t work if it weren’t for Rita’s character. She doesn’t want interference, wants total control. And she does a bloody great job!
It’s a charming non-Hollywood serie in which subjects as abortion, homosexuality, adultery, are handled far more relaxed and therefore quite elaborating. It’s great!


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Growing up in a gay household

No, not myself. In a way I wish I was, so I knew what I was talking about.
A relative of mine was, however. Unfortunately he passed away, before I was able to ask him anything about that.

His mothers weren’t just lesbians, they were pioneers at the time. It was the eighties. Not everyone LIKED the idea of people being different back then. One of the grandmothers, for instance. As soon as she heard about the pregnancy, she said ‘don’t expect me to babysit’, basically telling them they didn’t have her blessing.
The kid never really felt appreciated by this grandmother as a result of that, which I, quite frankly, understand.

In my old neighbourhood, there was a lesbian couple with children. As a child, my mother always claimed I never asked that many questions about it. Indeed, I can’t remember thinking, while entering their premises, ‘gee, this is odd’. They had four children in total: two girls, a boy my friends and me played with sometimes and there was a fourth one on the way. I did know two mothers weren’t so standard, but I also knew this was simply possible. My mother had explained to me that in a case like that, women just borrowed sperm from someone. Which made my knowledge of ‘borrowing’ a bit peculiar, because weren’t you supposed to return things you borrowed?
But anyway.
There I was, having lemonade and cookies in this house, enjoying that and asking what everyone was called. I do remember thinking I didn’t like the names that much, and years after, hearing those names in Dutch gay households more often. I won’t mention the names as it could be coincidental and I don’t want to give out a Katie Hopkins-like reputation to anyone. And the other gay households I’m talking about were when I worked in children’s daycare, so I didn’t actually see what was going on inside houses. If it was different in any way, if the children acted differently from children in more standard households, for instance.
Shortly after, we went out to play again, so that was it, really.

I was happy to find out about this blog on tumblr instead, written by Jesse Toksvig-Stewart, one of the children of Sandi Toksvig. In their case I suppose their state of being was even more special. Not only were they unique in having two Moms, but also one of the mothers being famous. It does make it extra special. As if you not only have triplets in your household, but they’re identical aswell. Something like that. And still, if it’s the standard you grow up with, it tends to become very normal. It should be. It should be normal as having twins in the house. Special, but good.

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Grace & Frankie

This show on Netflix is concentrated on two women being ditched well into their sixties/seventies, only to discover their husbands have left them for…..each other!

Though this isn’t your ideal scenario, it’s good for a few laughs as one might be able to think. Too bad it’s Hollywood that drags its pride in this series. Although I’ve read that Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin more or less came up with the concept of this series, it doesn’t sail very smoothly somehow.

The eloping husbands, played by Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston aren’t gay in real life. This shouldn’t matter to actors, but it does. That may sound stupid, but all you ever see them do, is kiss. With hardly any passion. They do it because the script says so. They don’t look like a cheerful couple. Martin Sheen is somehow convincing, but Sam Waterston is truly dreadful. Whiny.
As bad as the combination of the two women ‘surviving’ divorcement is, namely Grace and Frankie, the same goes for the men.
Grace, portrayed rather well by Jane Fonda, has been the CEO of her own beauty company. Look at her and you just know she’s been successful. No harsh word about that. Look at Frankie, look again and get confused. She is so new age and into all kind of spiritual worlds, you’re almost instantly worried she will float off somewhere to be never seen again.
These two women have had men that were similar to them. In Grace’s case Robert, a successful attorney, who now has run off with Sol, Frankie’s husband.

The children of both couples give better performances of coming of as believeable. You immediately fall in love with the bitchy eldest of Grace and Robert, Brianna, just as you do with the adopted kids of Frankie and Sol.

This series could go on and on but I don’t think it will last that long if the two gentlemen don’t start showing some love to one another, and in a different way than they do now.
I remember in ‘Brothers & Sisters’ there was a gay couple that was filmed here and there trying to make out when they thought they were alone. I can imagine it’s quite much for two elderly men who aren’t gay at all to show that kind of affection on screen, but in this way (saying ‘I’m a homosexual!’ is not how anyone would say that more than once?!) it very much lacks convincement.

It’s also remarkable how both Lily Tomlin and Sam Waterston constantly seem to be struggling to get the words out of their mouths. Like they have been drinking too much. I know that isn’t the case, but somehow none of their lines come out ‘unrehearsed’.

I know this sounds like a bad serie to watch, but honestly it has very funny moments. Most of those are when Grace, her daughters or the adoptive children of Frankie and Sol make their appearances.

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Dolce & Gabbana

Honestly, sometimes the world baffles me. Reading the news and discovering what idiot felt the need to waste his/her breath to banter some lovely hatefull message into the world now (aside from the completely useless comments the Kardashians, Wests, Biebers and other tweet kebabs spread).
Yesterday gave another ‘lovely’ example.

First of all: I hate fashion. Not completely true. I simply couldn’t give a crap.
I know the world has a desperate need-to-be-bloody-sure what season it is and has, therefor, introduced fashion as a way of displaying this. So that we, should we find the time machine of Dr Emmett Brown and suddenly end up in a different time era, we at least know on what time of the planet we are. Or if we, groped by a piece of time sentiment, be drowned in a shoebox in the attic, shuffling and sifting pictures of what once was ourselves, may have no clue at what part of time we were looking at, at least you’d know by looking at the type of clothes.
To me clothes should fit, be comfortable. It’s nice if it makes me look better, but since I have an incredibly big stage fright I really rather go for the look of ‘socially undetectable’. I’m no Wally/Waldo to look for in a big crowd. Well, I am, but mostly due to my height.
I don’t spend money on fashion because it’s ‘design’. Design fits like a circle on a square: it doesn’t and it does so on purpose. Not my thing.

I know: this is ME.

I know there’s lots of people who do care about fashion. Who do like to wear the latest item of Vivienne Wood, Karl Lagerfeld or Miu Miu. Who become elated when wearing just the ‘right’ dress by design of god-knows-who and the shoes of bla-bla-bla. Most of these people look, indeed, lovely for paying so much attention to the style they’re wearing. They can carry the look and be fashionable because it’s their intention to do so and therefor they look stunning. Mostly weird, but in a good way. Excentric, as it’s called when you actually have the money to provide that look for yourself. Because it’s not cheap.
And then there’s those who kill animals to make sure their fashionable item gets sold properly, who love to starve very young girls so  that they exactly fit the kind of clothes that should’ve been worn by transgenders to be able to fit those items anyway (seriously, that kind of small hips on a girl is just not healthy).
The type of people who find that fashion industry is the only world there is. Some of them choose not to have a family. Those who find that the work alone is their baby and as such, give their eniter being to this style of living. It’s driven. It’s finding your muse. I get that and I admire that.

I resent the ones such as Dolce & Gabbana who are rich, famous and powerful. Who decided to speak out as a brand. A brand meddling in a choice that’s so personal, so very very personal, is just wrong. It’s never wrong to have an opinion, but to speak out as a brand that’s so big, so powerful, in a time where everybody on the planet just screams for acceptance, yes, lets have some shortsighted idiots who decide to tell ‘no, we don’t think it’s OK’.
I think that people such as them, who choose their business instead of having a family, don’t think much of families to begin with. Some of them buy a dog and another dog, maybe another dog and buy those pets insanely expensive outfits etc. This is a way and each to their own.
Lots of people have animals in different shapes and forms, with or without a family. Many people do so not in orderd not to feel lonely and because the need to care for someone is present. An animal is faithfull to the owner (OK, maybe cats can be a bit fuzzy, but still, cats really love you too!) and will be of comfort in times of need. This is socially accepted and no problem at all. Again, each to their own, right?

Namecalling babies from families both Dolce & Gabbana don’t know and have never met, is NOT OK.
It’s not even a little ‘unokay’, it’s completely uncalled for. It’s getting people and children involved that have never even picked a fight with Dolce & Gabbana. And you certain as hell don’t make a statement about it in such a blunt way that it’s possible for these children to read it.
Why be so nasty? It’s not just gay couples, it’s also straight couples Dolce & Gabbana choose to insult to the very core. The very being of the existence of millions of children worldwide are just set aside by their statement that IVF-children, or those born from a surrogate, are ‘synthetic’. There’s lots of women who ‘choose’ to have this particular path into parenthood. Mostly after discovering ones uterus doesn’t fullfill its function. A massive drama for women globally to begin with, when deciding to have a family. Only to be slammed down by some arrogant, fashion designing couple such as Dolce & Gabbana who now tell the world: you should let nature have its way.
In what universe are ANY of Dolce & Gabbana’s productions a natural way of becoming? None of those fabrics grow on trees. Not in the way it’s being used as fashion. The only natural thing about them? The brain the ideas come from.
Dolce & Gabbana are just plain hypocrites. Not even just a little. A lot. By making items they have to convince people of that they need, by that same catalog you accuse people of picking a baby from.

Who the f*** are Dolce & Gabbana to decide for others what makes a family real? Have Dolce & Gabbana ever visited a gay family where children were adopted, born through artificial insemination or IVF and considered these children so unreal they thought ‘oh dear, we need to protest this?’
Why protest a group they are part of themselves and do it so publicly that they know it won’t help their popularity?

I hate Dolce & Gabbana even more because now I actually have to pay attention to what clothes I’m buying when I do that. Second hand. Adopted, as you might say.

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