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Dolce & Gabbana

Honestly, sometimes the world baffles me. Reading the news and discovering what idiot felt the need to waste his/her breath to banter some lovely hatefull message into the world now (aside from the completely useless comments the Kardashians, Wests, Biebers and other tweet kebabs spread).
Yesterday gave another ‘lovely’ example.

First of all: I hate fashion. Not completely true. I simply couldn’t give a crap.
I know the world has a desperate need-to-be-bloody-sure what season it is and has, therefor, introduced fashion as a way of displaying this. So that we, should we find the time machine of Dr Emmett Brown and suddenly end up in a different time era, we at least know on what time of the planet we are. Or if we, groped by a piece of time sentiment, be drowned in a shoebox in the attic, shuffling and sifting pictures of what once was ourselves, may have no clue at what part of time we were looking at, at least you’d know by looking at the type of clothes.
To me clothes should fit, be comfortable. It’s nice if it makes me look better, but since I have an incredibly big stage fright I really rather go for the look of ‘socially undetectable’. I’m no Wally/Waldo to look for in a big crowd. Well, I am, but mostly due to my height.
I don’t spend money on fashion because it’s ‘design’. Design fits like a circle on a square: it doesn’t and it does so on purpose. Not my thing.

I know: this is ME.

I know there’s lots of people who do care about fashion. Who do like to wear the latest item of Vivienne Wood, Karl Lagerfeld or Miu Miu. Who become elated when wearing just the ‘right’ dress by design of god-knows-who and the shoes of bla-bla-bla. Most of these people look, indeed, lovely for paying so much attention to the style they’re wearing. They can carry the look and be fashionable because it’s their intention to do so and therefor they look stunning. Mostly weird, but in a good way. Excentric, as it’s called when you actually have the money to provide that look for yourself. Because it’s not cheap.
And then there’s those who kill animals to make sure their fashionable item gets sold properly, who love to starve very young girls so  that they exactly fit the kind of clothes that should’ve been worn by transgenders to be able to fit those items anyway (seriously, that kind of small hips on a girl is just not healthy).
The type of people who find that fashion industry is the only world there is. Some of them choose not to have a family. Those who find that the work alone is their baby and as such, give their eniter being to this style of living. It’s driven. It’s finding your muse. I get that and I admire that.

I resent the ones such as Dolce & Gabbana who are rich, famous and powerful. Who decided to speak out as a brand. A brand meddling in a choice that’s so personal, so very very personal, is just wrong. It’s never wrong to have an opinion, but to speak out as a brand that’s so big, so powerful, in a time where everybody on the planet just screams for acceptance, yes, lets have some shortsighted idiots who decide to tell ‘no, we don’t think it’s OK’.
I think that people such as them, who choose their business instead of having a family, don’t think much of families to begin with. Some of them buy a dog and another dog, maybe another dog and buy those pets insanely expensive outfits etc. This is a way and each to their own.
Lots of people have animals in different shapes and forms, with or without a family. Many people do so not in orderd not to feel lonely and because the need to care for someone is present. An animal is faithfull to the owner (OK, maybe cats can be a bit fuzzy, but still, cats really love you too!) and will be of comfort in times of need. This is socially accepted and no problem at all. Again, each to their own, right?

Namecalling babies from families both Dolce & Gabbana don’t know and have never met, is NOT OK.
It’s not even a little ‘unokay’, it’s completely uncalled for. It’s getting people and children involved that have never even picked a fight with Dolce & Gabbana. And you certain as hell don’t make a statement about it in such a blunt way that it’s possible for these children to read it.
Why be so nasty? It’s not just gay couples, it’s also straight couples Dolce & Gabbana choose to insult to the very core. The very being of the existence of millions of children worldwide are just set aside by their statement that IVF-children, or those born from a surrogate, are ‘synthetic’. There’s lots of women who ‘choose’ to have this particular path into parenthood. Mostly after discovering ones uterus doesn’t fullfill its function. A massive drama for women globally to begin with, when deciding to have a family. Only to be slammed down by some arrogant, fashion designing couple such as Dolce & Gabbana who now tell the world: you should let nature have its way.
In what universe are ANY of Dolce & Gabbana’s productions a natural way of becoming? None of those fabrics grow on trees. Not in the way it’s being used as fashion. The only natural thing about them? The brain the ideas come from.
Dolce & Gabbana are just plain hypocrites. Not even just a little. A lot. By making items they have to convince people of that they need, by that same catalog you accuse people of picking a baby from.

Who the f*** are Dolce & Gabbana to decide for others what makes a family real? Have Dolce & Gabbana ever visited a gay family where children were adopted, born through artificial insemination or IVF and considered these children so unreal they thought ‘oh dear, we need to protest this?’
Why protest a group they are part of themselves and do it so publicly that they know it won’t help their popularity?

I hate Dolce & Gabbana even more because now I actually have to pay attention to what clothes I’m buying when I do that. Second hand. Adopted, as you might say.

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