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Jenny’s Wedding

Katherine Heighl playing a serious part in a dreadfully long film about her being gay with Alexis Bledel is a seriously bad plan. They should have switched parts, though that would barely have worked, given that Alexis is truly such a sweetheart. But the part of Kitty is barely there and you know Alexis should have been given a far bigger part. Then again: for this film that would not have worked, as you don’t expect Alexis in a film that is so incredibly shallow, really.
Grace Gummer playing the part of younger sister of Jenny (Katherine Heighl) is a proper shot. She actualy knows how to give her character the sarcastic twist it needs to make the film bearable.

All in all you won’t get any of the time you spend on this film back, and it only has bits and pieces that are good enough. Even when Anne is on about the grass….stupidly you actually get what she means, but those words never really come out of her mouth. Something just breaks within her, looking at something as ordinary as the grass. You get that. The moaning on about what that means doesn’t make much sense however.

The storyline of how everyone has a hard time dealing with the situation has no depth in any way whatsoever. The film should have been edited back to about 45 mins and even that would’ve been long.

Don’t get your hopes up, I’d say. Grace Gummer is the only one worth your while, as Alexis Bledel simply doesn’t get enough air to actually breathe here. A waste of talent, there!

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