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Effie Gray

With Dakota Fanning, Greg Wise, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters and many others.

Despite the starloaded cast, this film, after its initial painful beginning of Effie Gray that gets turned down in her wedding night, is as dead as the sex life between the Ruskins. It took me ages to realize they didn’t try again. It bares the same subtleness that is used in Jane Austen novels, and so, when Effie meets Lady Eastlake again, this was the first time I had any idea of how much time apparently had passed.
It seems to me that the film tries to resemble Lady Chatterly’s Lover a bit, or Marie Antoinette, but given that Effie Gray is still a virgin after years, this simply isn’t true.
Well, not according to modern standards, where women are their own person. A point excellently made by Lady Eastlake, perfectly portrayed by the devine Emma Thompson.
Julie Walters portrays her mother-in-law-from-Hell part so subtle and yet so exquisitely aswell. You wouldn’t want to get on her wrong side indeed.

Other than that, this film doesn’t entertain much. There’s the very short scenes, in which the moments are caught that are supposedly showing how Effie and her Mr Ruskin do share their bit of love, but it is never clear why on earth he married her or the other way around. It seems that they ‘just did’.

It is not the kind of costumed drama I was hoping for, but if you like those, you will no doubt like this one, as it shows quite a lot of it. Unfortunately, the characters don’t get to show very much of themselves as I think the story didn’t allow them to do so.

Wouldn’t necessarily recommend, unless you’re a Thompson fan, because though very small, she has a part in it.

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One Chance

Strong resemblance to Billy Elliott at the start, but I think this is intentional and mostly due to Julie Walters playing Paul Potts’ mother.

This film, about a boy growing up in England where it is frowned upon having a dream of becoming an opera singer, can’t make up its mind, it seems.
It says it’s based on a true story, but so much keeps happening, it dazzles a bit and bores in the end. To be fair they should have made the film a bit shorter, cut out some pieces.
Paul Potts meet an absolutely lovely girl due to his mate (whom I know from both The Office, but also the first part of Pirates of the Caribbean, I’ll never forget his eye ball with a wobbling fork in it?!) who can’t stand that Paul has been texting with someone for ages and still hasn’t figured out a way to get a date from it.
Paul wants to be an opera singer, gets the chance to do this in Venice (LOVELY scenes there, by the way, but in my own experiences, Italians usually don’t speak English that well -I could be wrong here) and can’t make his own desire becoming the truth: to gain Luciano Pavarotti’s approval.
Every time he’s about to achieve something big, something happens. Something that makes him end up in the hospital for surgery.
The scene where Paul is becoming Manager because his mate is becoming a District Manager: they could have left that out. It has no real value to the film, so are some other parts.

Stay for the music, but the storyline keeps dragging on, despite the lovely cast.

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Mamma Mia (review)

With Meryl Streep, Stellan Skarsgard, Julie Walters, Colin Firth, Amanda Seyfried, Pierce Brosnan and several others.

This film hasn’t got much to do with acting. It is a joy to watch for who likes ABBA.
It’s about a girl getting married (Amanda Seyfried), not knowing who her father is and having invited all of the possibilities for that after finding her mother’s diary.
They all come over and have one big, gigantic drunken party, the hen night. On a Greek island. With ABBA music. Not bad. But for who wasn’t invited to the party or not into ABBA music, it’s not for you.
Unless you must really like the sight of Colin Firth, Pierce Brosnan and Stellan Skargard in high heels. Because yes, that happens aswell. Also, Meryl Streep in overalls. Seriously, lovely stereotype of a woman alone raising her own child?! Apparently women who do that never look feminine?
Whereas Stellan Skarsgard simply looks hot in his tights with high heels. How the bloody devil does he do that?! Colin Firth looks less ridiculous than he’d probably wish, too, Pierce Brosnan does a better job…

The unfortunate thing about films like these is that the music gets a bit fucked up. Still, they clearly had a lot of fun while filming, and it’s good to see it’s not just the show of skin that they’re trying to sell. Amanda Seyfried could have worn a bikini at the beach, but they went for a bathing suit and this fits the circumstances far better, to be fair. She seems dressed without actually being dressed.

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