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Unite 42

After having watched Black Spot I couldn’t leave this one unwatched.
It doesn’t resemble each other one bit though, except for the spoken language (French), one actor, and the fact that it is about police again. OK and the fact that Unite 42 only seems to handle particular cases.
They are into hacking. Not in the truly legal way, so to speak.

The episodes are easy to watch; not too difficult stories, it’s entertaining and it has a likewise development each time: a murder takes place or a body is found, Unite 42 goes after it. All of them have a life of their own, with some this is shown a bit more privately than others.
After the first few episodes you kind of get the gist of how it’s supposed to go, so the revelation of who did it no longer truly surprises, but it keeps being entertaining enough to finish the entire season.

A light refreshment, so to speak.

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The Missing, 3rd season

As a Dutchie, this season of The Missing is watchworthy even solely based on the fact that it was filmed in The Netherlands. Amsterdam more specifically, because where else could you film so freely about human trafficking?

Baptiste is brilliant as usual, but I do think the more the ending of the season is neigh, the more the man speaks in pearls of whisdom that could easily endup on a tile on the wall of one’s loo.

That aside, it was quite fun to see some pretty famous Dutch actors speak louzy English. Yes you can understand what they are saying, but you can also easily hear they are not used to speaking it quite so frequently.

The killings that happen are quite brutal and it only goes to show why one shouldn’t bother going into dealings with drugs. I even think that a chasing scene was made to show how a certain happening that occurred a few years ago in Amsterdam, happened. Criminals trying to eliminate each other and as such, were wreckless and started shooting where other, completely innocent civilians could easily be wrongly targeted.

Back to the story itself.
Though I did see at least one twist coming (because I’ve seen that actor pull the same kind of trick in a different film, ‘Bird Box’) and I didn’t get why one of the actors was involved in it like that, it certainly has it’s proper features. I would certainly recommend watching it, if only for Baptiste and Edward.

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Dead to Me

Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden and more.

This series is very weird, to be fair, but has such a lovely and dark edge, you keep watching it anyway.
Jen (Christina Applegate) is a new widow, since her husband was killed in a hit and run while jogging. The police haven’t found so much as a suspect yet, which makes Jen very emotional. She is angry with the entire world, but especially with the one who drove over her husband and then didn’t stop.
Then she meets Judy (Linda Cardellini) at a support group for grievers.
Though they have a lovely start, Jen and Judy, Jen discovers something about Judy that makes her angry. This continues the entire series. Judy is, however lovely, never willing to share completely who she is. Jen is a grieving woman on a very short fuse, which makes that this couple are of for a very interesting ride.

There are definitely some very predictable moments in this series, so it is good that Christina Applegate is there to safe the day. She knows how to make it interesting after all, though Linda Cardellini isn’t bad either, the personality features they gave her are not that enticing to everyone.
It is worth a watch for sure, you won’t be bored all that soon 🙂

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Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil And Vile

Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil And Vile

I’ve watched this film so you don’t have to. Truly, don’t bother. Despite the starstrucken cast (who the hell convinced John Malkovich to do this??)I don’t see how this film should be anything other than pure clickbait, hence the title. You only come up with something like that if you don’t have anything profoundly to add to it.
I get how Zac Efron was cast as Ted Bundy, to show how he was, apparently ‘so charming’. I see how Lily Collins (‘To The Bone’) gets to show her fragile appearance and strong character again, I see the irony in a way why Haley Joel Osment ‘I see dead people’ was cast here, but how Jim Parson (Big Bang Theory) could have been concinced to do a film that is so incredibly shallow and has no base to show anything else than the apparent twofaced killed that was Ted Bundy, I do wonder. Is it because it is so different from the Sheldon Cooper character? Yes, I know he has played more roles since then, it’s just struck me how different this particular role is in comparison to that one, I’m sorry.

Given that Ted Bundy has become most famous before by the film The Silence Of The Lambs, a truly gruesome, but profound film, with showed horrific details as to why exactly this Ted Bnudy was such an utter devastating creep, it has struck me how little of these details are even described in this one. I honestly have trouble thinking why this film was made exactly? I can’t think of any reason. I’ve read on the internet that I MUST SEE the Ted Bundy tapes if I watched this film. I refuse to, as I don’t wish to watch stuff that seems to be solely made to glorify serial murderers. We have enough idiots walking around without documentaries like that being made. If they had warnings inside them, like ‘parents around the globe: please show your children the unbound love they deserve, provide them with the love, care and therapy that they need to become the most loving persons they can become, so that they don’t grow up as bloody psychopaths who just go on killingsprees because they feel like it’I don’t see the point.
At least The Silence Of The Lambs and even the wikipedia are nuanced. They don’t solely base their info on the relationships he had. WHich this film does. That film and wikipedia tell you that not only did Ted Bundy abduct these women, often bash their heads in, he also skinned them, cut off nipples (I’ve only seen this mentioned 1 time in this entire film, not being on show in court at all -no I don’t NEED this, but it would be more accurate).

If Hollywood is so dried out of stories, I have a whole twitter community of Indie authors that I’m sure would be thrilled to have THEIR stories being filmed?! Me included.

Happy Sunday by the way….

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Dicte is a possible serie if you’re looking for entertainment, not too much to think about and nothing too heavy. None of them are truly that realistic, and Dicte is nowhere near a super hero of any kind. She is not special. Very stubborn, and more often then not, wrong. Not in the sense that it’s obviously immediately though. She does things and you’re like ‘wtf?! I wouldn’t exactly approve of such an action from any journalist soon?!’ You do forget she is a journalist quite quickly, because she doesn’t seem to care that much herself. She is just curious, goes after a vague hunch.
It’s also amazing how she just gets the support of the Danish police, because she is actually quite clumsy. Her theories are farfetched and she is far from ‘always right’. At times she has a hunch that appears to be in the right direction, but there’s never any logic to it, it seems to me.
Then again, you wonder why she doesn’t just work as a cop instead of a journalist?
Also, not all actors are that convincing. This doesn’t help either.
The series is mostly based on two episodes being connected, so it does work great to keep watching. You’re not ‘forced’ to watch the entire series to finally see it unwrap itself.

None of the romantic relationships actually work in this series. You don’t see any of them truly happening. Only the one between Wagner and Dicte’s friend, and that’s the one that gets cut short. You would have seen that one happening. After that, the friend miraculously disappears, too.
The other romances are not surprising. Not even a little bit.

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Django Unchained

This film by Tarantino is with, amongst others, Jamie Foxx, Leonardo diCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Waltz and Kerry Washington.

Unusually long, this film nearly takes 3 hours (?!). It is different from former works of Tarantino that I’ve seen, because this has nothing to do with the fantasy of Tarantino running wild. Yes, there’s lots of blood splashing around, but this time around, it’s in the age of apartheid, where African-Americans were not seen as a full human being, nothing more than a possession of sorts. I could only watch this film by skip-hopping it. It has fantastic moments though, I assume the entire film is fantastic, I just couldn’t watch all of it.

Who loves Tarantino shouldn’t miss it.

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With Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Goran Visnjic, Sakina Jaffrey, Claudia Doumit and many others.

To be fair, the background storyline of this series is quite weak -bastard Flynn (excellent part of Goran Visnjic) has found out the government has invented a timemachine and is trying to change history with it. Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus (Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter and Malcolm Barrett, only the last one convinces from the start) are send to find Flynn and to stop him. Wyatt is supposed to kill Flynn, but with every attempt he makes, Lucy stops him, because someone historically important is in the way and should not be killed.

That is the dull part of it all. The exciting thing is, that unlike the series of Back to the Future, you get to see a lot of history changing. Flynn doesn’t give a flying monkey if he kills off someone important, as he has his own goal. Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are the ‘goodies’ here, as they have been told ‘don’t try to change history, that’s not your job’, while Flynn does.
Given the events that they get to attend, which makes this series lovely, you get to be tossed around with the feeling ‘what if’ far more than Back to the Future ever did. That series was based on the technology, this one purely on History. It is quite an interesting for your history knowledge. Rufus for instance keeps complaining that most of world’s history wasn’t exactly appreciative of his race and Lucy is faced with quite a lot of sexism at times.

It’s a jolly good watch for those who indeed wonder ‘what if?’ to some crucial points in history. Not all the acting work is that convincing though. Lucy has the worst storyline to be fair (the riddle she will solve for herself, it’s the first thing I thought about, to be fair, I did think it was lame).

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