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Ricki and the Flash

A remarkable filmchoice for Meryl Streep. AGAIN. Though I genuinely enjoyed watching her in Mamma Mia, it didn’t make sense to me at all. Why would a class actress do such a film? But then it hit me: because it was simply just a FUN project. Even actors and actresses need fun projects, the in between snacks, right?

This film is probably a bit like that. Meryl Streep can sing. Not like a songstress (she would’ve become one of those if she were that good), but still: she can sing. I think this is why she ends up in films that contain music and involve her singing. She can do it and she likes it. She won’t pull it off like Kate Winslet did for that Christmas Carol film) but still: she can carry a tune.

This film is about Ricki, part of a very dated and mediocre band, called The Flash, who receives a phonecall from her ex-husband. Their daughter is going through a rough period, he would like her help to pick up the pieces for their daughter Julie (so very fine portrayed by Meryl Streep’s real life daughter Mamie Gummer).

Basically, it’s a trip down memory lane for the family. Because, as it turns out, all of her children will be there, and the new Mrs of her ex is out, as her father is having an episode and therefor needs care and isn’t present.

To be fair I’m not sure if Meryl Streep had a say in how her hair was done, but it’s distracting quite a bit. Especially as anyone could tell you that that’s not especially any type of ‘rock’ hairdo. They either should have gone with an actual rock look (her face worked out far better) or she should’ve just not washed her hairs for weeks or months or something like that. It’s really weird. I can’t think of any rocker, male or female, who would go for such braids/plaits. They’re the type your little sister would make, not a grown woman.

Other than that, the film is fine. It’s not the best acting you’ll ever see, but it’s certainly not the worst. Can you skip it and live your life with a clear conscious? This is also very possible….

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Praten & kinderen/Conversation& kids

Praten met een kind erbij:

Man tegen vrouw: ‘Heb jij gelezen dat…’
Kind tegen man: ‘Breipi heef een grijze auto!’
Man tegen vrouw: ‘ wel 50 verschillende…’
Kind tegen man: ‘Breipi heef een grijze auto!’
Man tegen vrouw: ‘..manieren..’
Kind tegen man: ‘Breipi heef een grijze auto!’
Vrouw tegen kind: ‘lieverd, hou eens op! Wat zei je?’
Man tegen vrouw: ‘nou, dat er…’
Kind tegen man: ‘Breipi heef een grijze auto!’
Vrouw tegen kind: ‘he, tetter er eens niet zo doorheen, ja, Breipi heeft een grijze auto’,
Man: ‘nou, ik lees hier…’
kind: ‘Breipi heeft wielen!’
Vrouw: *zucht*
Man tegen kind: ‘is het zo?’
kind, doodserieus: ‘ja!’
Man tegen vrouw: ‘Ik lees hier dat er wel 50 manieren zijn…’
kind: ‘en de wielen draaien!’
Vrouw: ‘Christeneziele, nu weet ik het nóg niet, en nu heb ik wel dat liedje van ‘De Wielen van de Bus in m’n hoofd, fijn!’
Kind: *begint Wielen van de Bus te zingen*
Vrouw: *doet poging tot ander nieuwsartikel voor te lezen, vermoedend dat dat het artikel is waar man op probeerde te duiden*
kind: *is inmiddels naar vrouw toegesprongen en zingt nu IN haar gezicht*
Vrouw: *zingt mee* daarna is kind eindelijk stil.
Vrouw tegen man: ‘Wat wilde je…’
Man: ‘Heb je dat…’
Kind: ‘opaoma hebben zarte auto!’
Vrouw: *knijpt ogen toe om man beter te verstaan* (wie heeft toch bedacht dat dat helpt?!)
Man: ‘laat maar, komt straks wel….’
Vrouw tegen kind: ‘het is je gelukt, schat, praten is onmogelijk bij jou’ *enigszins uit humeur*
Kind: ‘pappa heeft een piemel!’
Man: ‘Fijn dat we dat ook weten..’


Conversation with a child present:

Man to woman: ‘Have you read that…’
Kid to man: ‘Jane has a grey car!’
Man to woman: ”…there’s like 50 ways…’
kid to man: ‘Jane has a grey car!’
Man to woman: ‘…to…’
kid to man: ‘Jane has a grey car!’
Woman to kid: ‘stop screaming through everything! Yes, Jane has a grey car’
Man: ‘well, I just read…’
kid: ‘Jane has wheels!’
Woman: *sighs*
Man to kid: ‘is that really true?’
kid, very serious: ‘yes!’
Man to woman: ‘I read here that there’s 50 ways to…’
kid: ‘and the wheels turn around!’
Woman: ‘oh for crying out loud, now I still don’t know AND I’m stuck with an earworm of Wheels on the Bus, great!’
kid: *starts singing Wheels of the Bus*
Woman: *tries to read out a news article, thinking it’s the one the man meant to read in the first place*
kid: *has by now bounced to woman and is now singing in HER face*
Woman: *sings along* afterwards the kid is finally quiet.
Woman to man: ‘what did you want…’
Man:’have you…’
kid: ‘grandmagrandad have a blah car!’
Woman: *squeezes eyes to hear better* (yes, indeed, in what universe does that help?!)
Man: ‘forget about it, I’ll tell you later’
Woman to kid: ‘you succeeded, sweetie, talking is impossible around you’ *somewhat moody now*
Kid: ‘daddy has a willy!’
Man: ‘Good that we know that…’

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Moulin Rouge (review)

With Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Ms Kidman. Because it seems to me that the second she starts to play someone passionate, she turns into this hissing cat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her acting truly tender, loving, caring, somehow. Maybe I have seen the wrong films with her in it, somehow. Or maybe her acting is not the kind that convinces me that she is sincere.

Anyway, this particular one was, despite the subject -man falls heavily in love with prostitute that’s about to die from horrible disease- is far too childish in setup for me. Roxanne (Nicole Kidman) is the ‘head attraction’ of Moulin Rouge, and ofcourse it’s her who Christian  (McGregor) falls in love with. His naive childishness is the other part I don’t particularly like. It’s too grotesk, to clownesk, too cardboard. I like the music, but the play as a film is not that realistic.

The singing voice of Ewan McGregor is one I can appreciate though. It’s boyish, naive, hearfelt, torn and cute at times. The proper mix for the part he is playing. I’ve seen Ms Kidman’s voice being judged as ‘surprisingly good’ but I don’t see that. It’s alright I guess, but for the femme fatale she’s supposed to play, desperately fighting for her life, convincing the world she’s all that: I don’t see that.

Then again, the film is not solely based on these two, there’s more. Those actors suffer from the weird theatrical display. It’s a film that wants to be a Broadway Musical, which is something more films (Anna Karenina, The Great Gatsby) ‘suffer’ from, depending on which point of view. It is simply not the kind of film I deeply appreciate.
So therefore: is it all that bad? No, not at all. Just don’t expect the singing to be all that great, because that’s what singers are for. It is a spectacle, and given that it’s Moulin Rouge: who can blame ‘m, really?

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Hjordis (review)

Hjordis is another stunningly lovely show on Netflix. I doubt it’s visible in the USA, though I could be wrong about this.
I wrote about Rita earlier, and Hjordis looks like a spinoff of that. A few of the same actors (Lise Baastrup, Ellen Hillingso) and also within the same school.
But either the series is no longer complete, or this spinoff was solely made to bring up the theme of bullying.
You see, the school Hjordis works at, is having a ‘anti-bullying week’ at school. Helle, the headmistress, asks Hjordis to come up with ideas to do something with this theme. It is decided that Hjordis will gather some of the students in school to perform a play. Given that the possibility exists that they get to play for the royal family -who will be visiting the school- everyone is really excited.
Then it appears that Helle, the headmistress, has gotten cold feet. She decides the students of her own school are not nearly good enough to perform for such important people as the royal family. So Helle phones a schooll for gifted children, who can sing, dance and generall perform really well.
The children that Hjordis had gathered are being put aside by these priviliged kids, who are a bit too aware they are awesome and so on.
Hjordis reports the problems of both groups to Helle, but gets no real answer. Helle wants the children to cooperate and mostly, the priviliged kids to do the performances.

When the royal family finally cancels their plans to come and visit, the plans change. This is where it becomes even more interesting. Don’t forget this serie is Danish, where the acceptance of different individuals is, apparently, far more accepted. There’s the girl who is deaf and gets romantically involved, there’s the boy who really wants to dress up as a princess. This brings more problems than you could imagine. Not just for Hjordis, who has to adjust to the idea in about 5 seconds, but also to other teachers, parents and so on.

Meanwhile, the show is brought light and airy. No heavy debates.

It’s a joy to watch. And an eyeopener for those who are so used to classic soaps 🙂

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