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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

This film, about -supposedly- a randomly scraped together group of British tourists who fall for a scam that is a hotel in India, is not as good as I hoped it to be, but nor as bad as I feared it to be in the end.

Though packed with British actors such as Judie Dench, Bill Nighy, Penelope Wilton, Maggie Smith, Celia Imrie and so on, the film clearly is made in the USA. Though displayed in India, the Indian actors playing these parts are supposed to speak English, even to each other. Which makes their acting not so great. It is not really their fault.

Maggie Smith is lovely as a fully racist patient who needs a hip replacement and has offended so many doctors who are ‘of the wrong color’ or ‘not actually British’, that she is offered an alternative. Cheaper, no waiting list. In. India.
The other storylines are supposed to convince you that it’s just a coincidence that this lovely flock of people just happens to have been put together by faith, but it really isn’t. I don’t see why the Ainslies (Bill Nighy and Penelope Wilton) feel the need to go. Nor with the others. It is not an organised travel they are part of. At the airport, they simply connect the dots as they are all British and flying with the same plane, stuff like that. They just happen to go to the same hotel. That isn’t a hotel. The website has promised quite a stay, the local manager isn’t able to fullfill that wish. Just yet. Only a few rooms that aren’t rooms, just piles of dust, are actually usable. Even less of those actually have doors.

Given that not all of the travellers have an actual return ticket, a refund or an immediate return home isn’t possible.

The film mostly depicts what they make of it in the meantime. And how couples uncouple or recouple. Etcetera.

It is a good thing that this film is packed with already familiar actors. I wouldn’t have watched all of it without that. I skip hopped after a while. One of the travellers keeps a sort of journal that should make it a bit more interesting, but it fails on me.

All in all I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s not too bad if there’s nothing else to watch.

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The Titan

Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson and so many others.

Given that I’ve written a small scifi book myself, which more or less has the same theory in it -humans having to find a way to be able to live on different planets- I very much liked the start of the film. It’s funny to see Taylor Schilling in a completely different role than her good old Orange Is The New Black one. She does swear at times to remind you of that part, but other than that, this is quite a new one.

Sam Worthington in this role very much reminded me of Avatar. Especially after an hour. Until then, things don’t go smoothly, but the way it’s being portrayed fully has my interest. A group of people has been gathered by a list of special bodily strengths. For instance, Rick Janssen, (Sam Worthington) has been chosen as he managed to survive three days in the desert.
As the program of ‘rebuilding’ these strong people advances, the effects become more obvious. And you see more ‘Avatar’ hints floating about.

It’s not a wild chasing film, which is nice for a change, but it also doesn’t have a very strong ending. Then again, it’s worth a watch.

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