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(w)age gaps in relationships

With the engagement announcement of Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall, I see jaws dropping on the internet.
Mine too.
But in my case, it’s apparently, a bit different.
First of all: two people being in love are usually the happiest of all people, and as happy people look adorable, I guarantee that there are far worse things to look at. People who hate everything in the world, for instance.
Anyways, that said: if two people you know (I’m taking that in the widest sense of the word) are getting together, you do have this reflex. The reflex that goes: awww gee, they’re PERFECT/not suited for each other.
Hopefully, the first thing will pop to mind. Not always.
When there’s a considerable age difference, people can be a bit judgemental. Mostly people will go ‘oh, she’s just doing that for the money’, usually forgetting that not only does a woman have to defend herself, it also might not be true.
But back to the defending: how is it that Kieran Hayler -who still no one has ever heard of, which might be not THAT bad I’ll admit- Katie Prices’ husband, doesn’t have to defend his choice to marry high above his pay raid. So what’s that all about then? If it’s a man, it’s suddenly less of a disgrace?

That’s sexist.

Then there’s an announcement such as the mentioned about. Murdoch and Hall. Where you actually had hoped that Hall had better taste in morals than the ones that Mr Murdoch has displayed himself with.
To be part of his life also means people will now associate her with all of his vile business. This man is nowhere near clean. He hasn’t publicly apologised for any of this business either, so her being involved with him doesn’t show like she’s disapproving with any of his works.
That does trouble me.

Not too long though. I doubt I’m invited for the wedding.

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