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The Cock On The Beach That Didn’t Crow

This is a story, based on true happened events. Names, places and several details have been altered though.

When the body of a man is found on shore in the water of Luing, Scotland, there is no-one to claim the body. Nobody seems to miss or have missed the man at all, even though his name is given out by the authorities. The only thing that’s claimed is the boat he’s found in, which leads to the local fishermen to have an old fight being refaught.

It is not until Stella McFee, new police officer in town, along with Fiona Diggs, intern at the coroner’s office and Lily Cochrane, just starting out journalist, stick their heads together, that the mystery around the dead found body gets cleared up. And that might just mess up things even more, as the body has anything but a pretty past.

(yes, it’ll be out soon, just not yet….)

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When Gods Play Hide & Seek (teaser)

This story begins on a Monday.
To add to its nasty consequences -Mondays are barely ever popular, as beings are not that happy to give up their freedom to perform such a silly thing as work if they have to interrupt or even stop a pleasant thing such as ‘doing nothing’ in front of a tellybox, an xbox, an intergalactic Javahoohoobox, hopping a Mega Hypermatic Bouncing Ball or any such kind thing on weekends- this particular Monday even begins with a meeting.
Meetings are about as pleasant as having a hemorrhoid removed by a dentist, an earthling once told me.

This was not just any meeting.

It was going to be a lifechanging one for some, though not a very impressive one for many others. Most of the latter were attending the table where the meeting was held at.
It was a rather messy meeting, too.
Not quite how Tryxeon had envisioned it. He could hardly draw enough attention to make himself heard, let alone present his new Power Point Presentation.

Which was too bad.
He had spend quite some time making it, after seeing what kind of big audiences it could bring to complete and utter silence on Earth.
Then again, this wasn’t quite Earth. This was his own planet, in his own solar system.

Massive Big Ball.

When it came to naming it, he had been a bit hungover, he admitted. He went for the description his three year old son had given him when seeing it for the first time, from a distance, while eating his porridge. A spoon had pointed at it in his small, sticky and dirty hands.
‘That’s a massive big ball!’
Tryxeon had concluded this was, in fact, the perfect description of it, so he decided that that should be its name.

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